How does aging, old age and end of life fit within the Paleo schema?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 15, 2011 at 3:32 PM

In living a Paleo lifestyle, how do aging and old age fit? What roles do older men and women past reproductive years have?

Do you envision yourselves living within a Paleo community? Or simply living as an individual using Paleo principles? Something else?

Is aging something to be denied, feared, loathed and suppressed?

How do the very old (>85yrs) fit within a Paleo lifestyle?

What end of life concerns are there?

Do people value high tech/high intensity healthcare at the end of life vs. palliative/die-at-home? Should aged people be isolated from the Paleo group? Should they be embraced? If so, why and how?

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2 Answers



on March 16, 2011
at 04:50 AM

I hope that we will find ourselves among others living a similar way and aging together. I do not fear aging, it is an essential part of life. IMHO the tendency towards more and more individualism and egocentric thinking is one that goes against the tribal thinking we have evolved with and is my interpretation of why so many people in this advanced society seek psychological help and is one of the factors why people get sick. We need to get back to a closely living together in a healthful way across generations. Then, aging is not perceived as a problem but as a helpful experience for the new generations to come.



on March 15, 2011
at 04:17 PM

Hopefully comfortably; the transfer of knowledge and experience to their offspring; long live individuality; can't deny the inevitable; hopefully actively; death; and without medical or other support in the company of their loved ones. God willing.

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