Paleo recover food for diabetics?

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I'm a Type 2 diabetic, although my doctor calls me a type 1a. Two months ago, I finally took that last step and cut out the one grain product per day I had been eating. My blood glucose levels have been greatly improved. However, for the last two days, I've been hypo at the fasting levels. (80 is hypo for me, and I get a giant sunspot in the middle of my vision.) Today I had problems getting it up to the 100-110 level I try to keep it at, so I finally resorted to chewing a glucose tab. I plan to reduce my Lantus dose tonight. Are there recommendations on how to recover from low blood glucose the Paleo way? (My doctor knows I'm eating Paleo and doesn't object. He is totally pleased with my a1c, which had gone down to 6.0 the last time I did labs. I know I can get it even better than that.)



on October 17, 2013
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I think more details would be useful... like height, weight, age, gender, waist, body fat % (estimate, if known). I was coaching a friend who has an odd version of diabetes.. often needs very little insulin, sometimes has high levels in the AM. Paleo and low fast carbs help but she won't give up the fruit and sometimes eats junk. My vicarious experience is... better to prevent lows than recover from them.

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