Paleo, vegetarian and IF OH MY! Am I Crazy?

Answered on December 11, 2016
Created December 09, 2016 at 1:24 AM

Hey Guys! I am new to the paleo community and thought I would reach out to you guys! So, I have been a decently consistent faster for years now usually do 18-22 hour fasts daily, feeding for usually no more than 4 hours unless it is a cheat day. After cheat days I fast for 24 hours. I find it beneficial and relaxing. I have been striving for ways to 'clean up' my cheat days as they used to be really bad. So, over the past 7 months I have gone from vegetarian, to ovo-vegetarian, to raw ovo-vegetarian and gluten-free. I like to experiment and have found that I love being a vegetarian. Right now I have been eating my vegetarian diet mixed with a paleo diet and intermediate fasting. I am not too crazy right? I eat mostly egg whites, vegetables, fruit and nuts. I am also a competitive athlete, I train from 7:30am-2:00pm then go home and coach and work throughout the evening, allowing my eating usually from 2:00-4:00.   Am I too crazy? Just curious if anyone else has done similar?

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on December 11, 2016
at 04:05 PM

Egg whites are a bad idea.  You should eat the whole egg, and if anything more yolks than whites.

Egg whites are high in methionine which easily gets converted to homocysteine which in turn can cause heart diease.  The B6, B12, folate in the yolks will prevent that from happening which is why you always want to eat the egg yolks.

If you're afraid of "cholesterol" that whole thing has been debunked repeatedly.

If you're an athelete, you need to be careful of intermittent fasting as that can be a huge source of stress which can cause more problems than benefit.  You'll need to get plenty of protein, good high quality fats and also good high quality carbs - far more carbs than someone trying to lose fat on a paleo diet would need.

Be careful of cheat days and avoid things that are harmful such as wheat, dairy and legumes.  The thing with gluten is that it causes autoimmune diseases in the long run, so a weekly cheat day that involves wheat exposure will still cause this risk.  Gluten will signal zonulin which will signal the enterocytes to open up causing "leaky gut" - this will allow large undigested food particles into your blood stream which your immune system will tag as foreign - at some point the short amino chains in various fractions of wheat will be tagged and similar tissue in your own body will be attacked.  The list of autoimmune diseases is very very long, everything from brain fog (immune system attacking the brain), to arthritis.

One of the earliest warning signs is that you have a whole bunch of allergies to many foods you normally had no problem eating.  Or things like fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, etc.

I'm not saying you said you eat gluten on your cheat days, but just putting it out there for reference incase someone else decides it's ok to  do that.  To me a cheat day is eating a paleo friendly pizza or a paleo friendly pumpkin pie.

I'll refrain on commenting on the rest, except to say that humans evolved eating meat and a purely ovo-vegetarian diet is not species appropriate.  You can certainly survive on such a diet, but not thrive on it.  And you'll probably need to supplement all sorts of things such as B12, CoQ10, carnitine, ALCAR, ALA, krill oil (sorry, flax isn't going to work), etc.

If you can, incorporate some seafood in your diet, things like clams, mussels, oysters and jellyfish don't have brains - if that's the reason you're a vegetarian.

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