What to order at restaurants?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 08, 2013 at 8:49 PM

What foods can i select from restaurant menu? Usually Italian restaurants.



on June 10, 2013
at 02:32 AM

Peanut butter and French fries with chipotle mayo and blacked spam



on June 08, 2013
at 09:02 PM

a steak .

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6 Answers


on June 08, 2013
at 09:43 PM

I once went to an italian restaurant and ordered a pasta dish without the pasta. In essence, I got a bowl of vegetables, seafood, and tomato sauce. It ended up being so good that I had no problem passing up on the garlic bread.


on June 08, 2013
at 11:53 PM

Just be careful and ask questions, if you don't know the lingo (ie the Italian names on the menu for sauces and the like)just ask your server. I've managed restaurants for a while and I can tell you that people with special needs regarding diet are treated very well IF AND ONLY IF they are very polite, communicative and patience. So just politely say "excuse me, I have a little bit of a quirky diet could you help me out?" The server (any good one at least) should be able to guide you through the menu or if you get asked what you can have he/she might ask the chef what he/she wants to do. It's their job to give you a pleasurable experience. My girlfreind and I eat out a lot and love trying new places and never have problems finding paleo items on almost every menu.

Good Luck


on June 08, 2013
at 10:52 PM

i work in an italian restaurant...as far as paleo foods go we have carpaccios and tartare, caesar salad minus croutons with raw yolk aioli style dressing served with meat. Some times we have spaghetti squash as a gluten free option for pasta. The anti pasto platters are normally pretty well paleo apart from maybe a couple croustinis, with sausages, smoked salmon, seared ahi tuna etc. None of the entrees are served with wheat, normally potatoes of some sort and a vegtable puree. Also not really paleo i guess, but something i think a lot of people here would still eat is risotto. White rice cooked in bone broth and butter. I guess im more primal or whatever you want to call it, so thats normally my go to healthy meal with some panchetta or proscuitto thrown in.



on June 08, 2013
at 09:46 PM

Most restaurants do steak. So, steak and steamed vegetables. Or you can normally get a grilled chicken salad: I got a lovely chicken breast salad topped with tomato and avocado at my local Italian's.



on June 08, 2013
at 08:57 PM

Personally i order chicken with a tomato sauce and mushrooms or meatballs in a tomato sauce. These kinda things! Obviously avoiding breads and pastas etc!


on August 26, 2013
at 10:15 PM

See http://paleohacks.com/questions/207099/what-restaurants-will-make-a-meal-to-order#axzz2d7BiA7Nl - Buona Beef will build to order pretty much anything they can make from ingredients they stock.

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