What restaurants will make a meal to order?

Asked on August 26, 2013
Created August 26, 2013 at 10:14 PM

I visited Buona Beef a few times recently, and on the last or almost-last time, they muffed my order; I ordered their low-carb combo, which is 90% meat, and asked them to hold the cheese and extra peppers. When it came with cheese and hot peppers after I said, "No hot peppers," I emailed them. And besides complaining about the wrong order, I briefly outlined the Paleo diet, gave purchase links to The Paleo Solution and two Paleo cookbooks, and asked if they could support Paleo eating, pointing out that if you're willing to hold a couple of ingredients, they have one dish that is 90% meat, and another dish that is on-diet vegan, but nothing that was 50% meat and 50% veggies.

Their Director of Training responded personally, heard me out, and explained to me that every dish is made to order. In other words, if you specify something they can make, they will make it for you. And their ingredients, which are proudly displayed, have any number of possible Paleo meals one could request. They have at least a few kinds of meat and lots of fresh vegetables available. (He also took care of the wrong order.)

A vote of confidence to Buona Beef!

I was wondering if anybody had a list of chains that officially or unofficially will make dishes to order, and have a kitchen stocked with ingredients that can make a Paleo dish. Buona's great to know about, and I know Genghis Grill has you make a dish to order and will "hold the starch" if you ask explicitly, but I was wondering if there was a list of restaurants that will serve up a good Paleo dish whether or not it's on the menu. I think Buona Beef stocks a decent kitchen, and I suspect there are other restaurants worth sharing.

Are there other restaurants that will build a Paleo dish if you ask nicely? Maybe this could be a community wiki.

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