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Answered on April 15, 2019
Created December 10, 2016 at 6:52 PM

What are the symtoms of being addicted to sugar? How do I detox from sugar without feeling guilty when I eat sugar in nearly every processed food. Will a standard Paleo diet curb this carving?


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on April 11, 2018
at 12:47 AM

The most important sign that indicates you are a sugar addict is you have tried to stop eating sugar, and you can’t. This happens even before to get fat or to gain a bit of weight. Everything depend on neurotransmitters called dopamine located in your brain. Positive/satisfactory stimuli (like sugar) make the body to release dopamine that promotes a sense of wellness.
This situation doesn't last long that't why the lack of dopamine pushes you to eat sugar again .. it is a vicious circle, the same happens with drugs like cocaine and heroin.



on December 11, 2016
at 03:30 PM

The symptoms are simply craving sugar or sweets all the time.  The biggest issue is that our gut flora is the number one cause of our cravings.  They can send out signals that make us crave things which they want to eat.  If you feed the bad guys which crave sugar (these include certain fungi such as candida albicans), you'll crave more.


To end the cravings you have to stop eating them.  In his Paleo Solution book, Robb Wolf mentioned that crack cocaine is less addictive than sugar.  So that's what you're up against.  But there are ways to lower the craving.  Each time you crave sugar, you can take about 5g (a teaspoon) of L-Glutamine as powder.  This will shut down the craving, but since this is an amino acid and not sugar, you won't be feeding the bad guys, and also your enterocites and brain can use this as a source of fuel.

You can also supplement with Alpha-Lipoic-Acid which helps lower your blood sugar and keep cravings down.

You can also start the day without any carbs.  Eat a small anount of protein, or just fast, or have a Bulletproof coffee.  As soon as you have some carbs the rollercoaster will start so be sure to avoid those.

Another thing you can do is when you do eat carbs, is to ensure they come from safe starch sources such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, yams, parsnips and no more than a cup of berries.  Avoid high sugar containing fruits such as apples, bananas, etc.

Over time you'll adapt to eating far lower carb and you won't crave as much, and your gut flora will adjust accordingly.


on April 15, 2019
at 10:15 AM

1.     Cut Caffeine Intake
2.     Skip Diets That Turn to Sugar Easily
3.     Enjoy Healthy foods and huices
4.     Increase your daily protein intake
5.     Eat green Vegetables
6.     Atleast 3 litres of water consumption in mandatory accoding to body weight


on May 03, 2018
at 05:28 PM

At Nourishing World, we've come to realize most people are addicted to sugar. If you eat processed food, then you are addicted to sugar. You know you are addicted to sugar when you can't stop eating foods high in sugar, you crave them. You cannot detox from sugar unless you stop eating it. The good news is, it takes less than a week for most people to stop physically craving sugar. The bad news is, it doesn't take much to get addicted again. To beat it, you have to not eat it. That means reading all labels and not eating food with sugar. Most processed food is out. Don't feel guilty if you eat it, just be strong and stop eating it again tomorrow. If you crave sugar, eat fruit or something with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar. These contain natural, unprocessed sugars and are not addictive. They help curb the craving, and after a few days, the cravings are gone. A standard Paleo diet does cut out sugar and allows the above mentioned sweeteners. But, you will have to cut out processed food and start making your own food. I make my own chocolates now so I have something sweet when I want something sweet. Check out my healthy almond joy and peanut butter cups recipes here. 


on April 09, 2018
at 12:23 AM

 Its easy to know sugar addition via increased weight, especially when simple carbohydrates are higher. The best methods to stop craving include- a) increased proten b) consume sugars in fruits, if at all there is a craving c) watch for added sugar even if not on paleo diet.

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