Paleo for weight loss without a leg?

Asked on February 29, 2016
Created June 05, 2014 at 7:31 PM

I'm a programmer and IT professional who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident a decade ago. I want to loose weight that I've gained and a podcast I listen to (The AtlAtl Daily) claims the host lost 80+ pounds on Paleo with minimal physical activity. My trouble is it's a podcast meant for people who are already familiar with the concept of Paleo that I listen to because the hosts are funny and other than reading confusing/conflicting articles on-line I don't know where to even begin, even if I had two legs. Is there a source or sources that anyone could recommend for a non-biology major that would help with Paleo weight-loss without too much physical activity? Thanks muchly!



on June 05, 2014
at 07:44 PM

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on June 11, 2014
at 09:28 AM

Physical disabilities can make weight loss really challenging but that does not mean you can skip physical fitness. Search for clubs or leagues for people with physical disabilities.

Example Wheel chair or racing are very good ways for getting cardiovascular exercise.

1. Water aerobics is also a good option. Some of the gyms offer water aerobic for the people with physical disabilities. Water helps to partially support your weight. Being an IT employee you may be communicating with lot other people who take care of their health. They will definitely help you in terms of searching Gyms or other facilities.

2. If you are confined to wheelchair your caloric consumption should be slightly lower than on average of 2,000 calories to stay healthy. For losing weight you need to generate caloric deficit by burning more calories.

3. Take advice of physical therapist for healthy exercise that will avoid injuries. Try out for total body training. As you said you don’t have legs try to lift 2-3 pounds of dumbbells with your arms. Perform such strength training exercise 1 or 3 times a week. Your doctor can advice better on performing specific exercise also how frequently you should do them.



on June 09, 2014
at 02:38 PM

I'd start here for the basics: www.nomnompeo.com and his wife's site called Nom Nom Paleo has great recipes.

A good basic book is The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson, and he has a great companion website: www.marksdailyapple.com.

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on June 09, 2014
at 11:42 AM

Hi comicbookguy! Paleo has a lot of interpretations. In the most strict sense, it is a return to the diet of the neanderthals... as well as we can guess what that is. There are several books on the subject, and some people call it the "caveman" diet. Others find inspiration from more modern day hunter-gatherers. If you like comic books then probably you already have a favorite or several instinctive favorite hunter-gatherer peoples in mind. Maybe try and find some anthropological accounts of them and try to guess why they get your attention so much. Who knows where it might lead?

The Weston A Price foundation is a good source for anthropological research, and since you're an IT guy, you might like to check out the Bulletproof Executive. Another great site for Primal/Paleo is Mark Sisson's Mark's Daily Apple, but of course, this site's not at all bad either. And there are many books on Amazon, and in the library on the subject.

With your limitations, I'd guess there are some bodyweight exercises you could do with your arms, or as best you can. Exercise is important for wellbeing, but not weight loss. Developing big muscles can help with weight loss though. There's not much standing in your way with developing nice trunk and arm muscles though, is there? If you've been inactive for a long time though, inflammation may strike really hard when you start, so go easy and maybe consider an aggressive fish oil supplementation plan to keep it reasonable.

Good luck and I hope it works out!

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