Paleo Diet without cooking?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 20, 2010 at 7:38 PM

I want to switch to a paleo diet. But I dont want to cook myself. (Don't want to deal with the hassles of buying groceries, cooking and cleaning) What options do I have?



on September 23, 2010
at 12:01 AM

To be fair, this was my reality a while back when going to grad school, working full time, getting married, etc. I was always a cooking person before that (way pre-paleo for me) and couldn't understand how others could be so "lazy", but the last few years gave me greater sympathy for people who don't have time to/can't/don't want to cook. The abundance of cheap student eats in the area made it possible to eat well and not even spend a whole lot more than what my grocery budget is now.



on September 22, 2010
at 10:16 AM

Subway? Too much over processed meat for me, blech



on September 21, 2010
at 10:09 PM

This is a good question, in my opinion. Lots of people don't want to cook for various reasons, but still want to eat healthy. One type of person who would want to eat paleo but not cook is a surgical resident, working more than 80 hours a week in a busy hospital setting. Another is someone who just hates washing dishes. The reason doesn't really matter, but it's good to know that you can (usually) find something paleo at restaurants. I've eaten fairly paleo meals at Subway, Chipotle, Sushi bars, Diners, etc etc. The key is asking them to cook it in butter!


on September 21, 2010
at 03:46 PM

Seriously? I feel like when people say this, it's almost like saying... "I want to be clean every day, but I don't want to bathe myself." Come on, cooking isn't so bad. You can't know for sure what you're eating if you always rely on others to prepare it. Period. I'd recommend only cooking REALLY simple stuff. Buy a few things and don't go too crazy. Paleo cooking isn't supposed to be complicated at all!

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on September 22, 2010
at 08:11 PM

There is another option -- the raw paleo diet. No cooking, and no mess to clean up. Meat, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts, and some vegetables can be eaten raw.


on September 22, 2010
at 07:53 PM

You know, that was one of my big things about going paleo, as I didn't cook - didn't have the time and energy.

But I've found now that I've gone paleo, I have the energy, and it really isn't a big deal to cook, I just keep it simple. I put meat on a grill, make up a salad, and I'm done. Takes me 10 minutes, the same amount of time it would have taken me to go to the grocery store and by something pre-made. And then I KNOW what is in my food, and don't have to wonder if the meat was treated humanely, or if there was weird additives.

That said, hard to get there at first. As many mentioned, find places that serve food that you can take away, like Chipotle. Or the deli section of your grocery. A great quick meal is to buy a roasted chicken and a pre-made salad, and then the chicken will last you a meal or two. I actually tear off the chicken for the next days meals.

Then there are lots of snack items - nuts, nut butters, dried meat, fruit, snacking veggies (carrots, peppers, celery); though I don't think you want to make some of them your main staples. Buy pre-cut veggies too, which makes salads easier.

You could also go raw, though I don't know much about this, so I'll abstain from trying to advise on that front.

Sometimes if I'm feeling particularly lazy, I'll do canned tuna, or hard boiled eggs, or smoked salmon.

And if you can bring yourself to cook twice a week, then you can just make it in large amounts, and have lots of leftovers, then you wouldn't have to worry about cooking regularly.

Honestly, as I said being a person that was regularly teased for my lack of cooking, I would say give it a shot, because it is so much better when you prepare your own meals and know what is in it. Just don't try to be fancy or special, just keep it extremely simple. It's amazing what you can make with just a piece of meat and a vegetable and maybe some butter in five or ten minutes. And if you're wild you can add some spices.


on September 20, 2010
at 07:46 PM

There is some dude in our meetup who hired an immigrant woman to make food in bulk for him with specified ingredients. It was surprisingly cheap (certainly cheaper than eating out) and I bet that woman's family is eating better because of it. She delivers things like chili and curry in freezable portions to his house. I think he found her through his housekeeper.

I'm not that big of a fan of cooking/shopping/cleaning sometimes either. Especially in the city. I order freshdirect a lot...


on September 20, 2010
at 07:42 PM

Find restaurants that cook meat, vegetables and makes sure they aren't cooking with vegetable oils..

Or find someone that does local meal prep.

Or lay off the processed junk food for a while and maybe you'll find cooking a rewarding method of obtaining an incredibly tasty meal



on September 21, 2010
at 09:09 PM

There's Robb Wolf's company: http://www.paleobrands.com/

The biggest issue is shipping cost. He's trying to get his meals sold in stores.

ben61829 is referring to the company Steve's Original, who makes Paleo Kits: http://www.stevesoriginal.com/

Paleo kits are zone-paleo. They're a little pricey, but they are DELICIOUS, and support the owners non-profit CrossFit gym for troubled youth. He also has paleo cereal, jerky, and "Krunch" bars.

Finally, there is http://www.paleowomen.com/

This lady (I can't remember her name...) sells packets of paleo "granola". I've tried them all, and they're good!

But when I'm in a rush, I normally head towards Chipotle- get a bowl with extra meat, extra guac, no rice, and no beans. They have high quality meat for a chain restaurant ( http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/04/why-chipotle-chooses-grass-fed-meat.php, http://www.newsweek.com/2008/05/03/a-chain-that-pigs-would-die-for.html)

Good luck!



on September 20, 2010
at 08:06 PM

I am not steve and in no way related to the company but i heard the owner of a company called Steve's Original on Moore's podcast. Seemed paleo according to most's standards. Prolly cost you a ton more than cooking your own, thought.

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