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Asked on January 27, 2013
Created January 27, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Just started this diet last week Yes part of the reason im doing this is to lose some fat but also to build muscle and get as healthy as possible more than anything though. And i here contradicting things such as you cant eat fruit. THIS MAKES NO SCNESE!!! Yes they are high in sugar but good sugars. and apples have acid that help restore annamel and prevent tooth decay. And if this diet is truley based on stone age eats. Then we would have more fruits then nuts simply becuase the amount of energy it would have taken to get a lot of nuts out of the shell simply doesnt seem worth it for such little reward. when you can go to a tree or bush and just pluck that shit. The main reasone im doing this is to try and maintain as perfect health as possible with out our corrupt leaders loading bull shit in my body. So my question is if you had a cheat day or meal wouldnt that completely throw your body off just simply by changing the way your organs convert and store the food into energy.? Ex: Use to eat massive amount of carbs for energy for workouts and now i just consume FAT for energy takes longer to get in your muscles but eat less in Grams(Would take 50gms of carbs before now 25 grms of fat. And i feel more and different type of energy. Wondering if anyone has tryed this diet with NO cheat meals for at least a month. And work out at least 30min a day

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