Is eating Paleo similar to the South Beach Diet?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 11, 2010 at 1:17 AM

Subject says it all...



on May 11, 2010
at 02:56 PM

i wouldn't be surprised tho if the Dr. behind South Beach isn't a closet Paleo--he seems like a pretty forward thinking guy making connections between heart disease and the consumption of carbs and all.

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3 Answers


on May 11, 2010
at 02:29 AM

maybe during the induction phase of South Beach, when you're only eating protein, some fat, and some veggies. after that phase, however, you slowly add in things like starchy carbs, legumes, and sugar, making it quite obviously different than paleo.

paleo is far better and more sustainable, IMO.


on May 11, 2010
at 02:08 PM

I was doing South Beach before I discovered paleo, and switching to paleo was a very natural transition. The first couple weeks of South Beach are pretty much the same as paleo. You are avoiding refined carbohydrates and other high glycemic index foods. The main difference I have noticed is the emphasis on grass-fed beef, wild fish, etc. That might be a part of South Beach that I didn't notice, but it wasn't emphasized as much as with paleo.


on May 11, 2010
at 02:03 AM

No...not as long as they push their "foods"!

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