How to gain weight eating paleo?

Commented on August 25, 2014
Created July 12, 2014 at 5:13 AM

16 years, female, have been eating strict paleo (no fruit) for 6 months. I started this diet normal sized and am now underweight.

From what ive read, eating sweet potatoes, more meat, more fat will do the trick but for me it hasnt.

Yesterday, I ate 2 kg of sweet potato cooked in a few tbsp of coconut oil, don't even ask me how.. lol

400g of beef mince (semi-lean)

Tons of vegetables, kale, half a bag of carrots, tomatoes, salad, silveebeet. All cooked in oil except for the carrots.

3 servings of macademias

I've been eating this way for a few weeks now and I haven't gained any weight at all.

I feel like I'm eating obscene amounts of food.



on August 25, 2014
at 08:56 PM

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on August 24, 2014
at 11:16 AM

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on August 24, 2014
at 01:05 PM

Like Iain, I would look at how much you are exercising, and also, whether you are still growing or not. When I had growth spurts, either as a child or in my early teens, I would usually lean out dramatically, then fill up (according to my physio, muscle doesn't grow as fast as bone). During those growth spurts, I would also be constantly hungry, especially as my mother was making me calorie restrict (to keep her company on her multiple, failed diets). Like everybody on my father's side (men included), I have always struggled to build muscle as an adult and I have come to accept my body as it is.

I would also question the 'underweight' bit: if you are surrounded by f$% people, you may think you are underweight when this is not the case. I live in the UK and constanty get told by my biscuit-terminator colleagues that I am 'thin'. I went back to France for tests this month and none of my doctors found me thin. In fact, my GP was very, very pleased that I am now back to where I was when I moved to the UK, and full of praise for my diet. 

You could try adding a little of variety on your diet, while remaining paleo: maybe you are deficient in some nutrient or other. For example, fish (lean, oily) and eggs instead of all that ground meat and olive oil and MCT oil as well as coconut oil. Also try sleeping a little more, for example at the weekend (it helps with muscle growth and repair!) and if you smoke or drink coffee, cut down on that (I would eliminate the tobacco).



on July 12, 2014
at 05:00 PM

Are you exercising a lot?

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