High blood pressure and 350 cholesterol

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 13, 2011 at 1:32 AM

I hope my friend does not see this...but I need to post a question. A good friend of mine is is 75 years old..( and on facebook) She has eaten paleo for 12 years . She's about 5'5" tall and weighs about 110...maybe a little less. Her problem is she has smoked since she was 13 and can't give it up. She also drinks light beer.. every evening ...any where from a couple to 6.7,8 every night... She has done so for about 30 years. She is amazing. her home is amazing. Spotless. She still does carpentry work,gardening, art work and is VERY creative.. You would never know..very functional.. But her last check up has her blood pressure at 190/90 and her cholesterol was at 350. I do not know the break down and asked her to get it for me. She has not had a drop of beer ever since the results came back. She is on BP meds now. Her blood sugar is perfect. The doc is scaring her that her diet is not good and that she needs to take statins., She has not filled the prescription. Is the beer the culprit?? Any ideas?



on May 14, 2011
at 05:16 AM

she does not eat wheat or sugar.. she only eats 35 carbs a day



on May 13, 2011
at 01:28 PM

Jean Calment never had to work a day in her life, never had to worry about money, lived a life of ease. What role does stress play in longevity and health?



on May 13, 2011
at 12:40 PM

Smoking isn't "fine"...



on May 13, 2011
at 09:48 AM

Tasty french food? Its more than just nutrition, its the pleasure of eating cooking and sharing it with friends :)

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on May 13, 2011
at 03:45 AM

What's her diet actually consist of? Might just be really high in myristic and palmitic acids.



on May 13, 2011
at 02:32 AM

Did you really just say smoking is fine? Unbelievable. According to wikipedia, Jean Calment drank a lot of port wine, which you have spoke out against before. Apparently, she also only smoked 2 cigarettes a day, which only comes out to 11.7 pack years.



on May 13, 2011
at 01:49 AM

350 is low. She needs more meat and fat. Smoking is fine.....if you do everything else correct. Dont believe me......Jean Calment who I met....as the oldest living human......at 122.9 yrs. She smoked for 117 of those yrs. I eat her diet now. I went to interview her in Arles France before she died. Amazing woman.

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on May 13, 2011
at 02:09 AM

High cholesterol in older females has a protective effect against mental decline. I would be happy with that number at her age.



on May 13, 2011
at 04:51 AM

More than likely if she were to cut out the wheat and sugar her BP would subside.. I have a 76 year old friend that had that high blood pressure and went ketogenic about 6 months ago and is now off all blood pressure meds.



on May 14, 2011
at 05:16 AM

she does not eat wheat or sugar.. she only eats 35 carbs a day


on May 13, 2011
at 02:12 AM

350 is not low. I drink plenty of alcohol and my cholesterol is ridiculously low and I'm 40. Alcohol can have a big effect on BP, as can other things. Whatever form of paleo she is doing, it sounds to me like it's not right for her and she needs to find some tweaks. Whether she needs to include more meats or more veggies is something that's of huge debate, but my diet includes a good deal of both, and not only is my cholesterol excellent, but I look young. I also drink a lot of water, which may/may not be something she also needs to look at. She needs to find what is right for her, not what some may claim is right for everyone. I don't think there is any such thing.

Also, it's not that she can't quit smoking - she won't. My father quit cold turkey at age 65 after a lifetime of smoking. For him, we're sure it took a spot on his lung to get him to do it (he didn't tell us, and the cancer started, or we were told about it, about a year later). It's all about motivation...

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