Hack my I.F Plan

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 07, 2011 at 7:39 PM

I will start my 14 day I.F Challenge on Monday. Here is my plan. Please add any suggestions to make this a success.
I will have my last meal Sunday night at 6pm.
M,W,F,Sa - Wake at 7am. Crossfit at 8-9am. Eat PWO higher carb meal at 10am. Eat again at 2 and then at 6pm. Sleep 10-7. Tu,Th,Sun - Wake at 7am. Eat at 10, 2 and 6. Sleep 10-7.

Thats pretty much it.

Breakfast non W/O days will be a 4 egg shake (with half a scoop of choc protein powder for taste) Breakfast on W/O days - PWO meal 3 eggs and a yam Lunch - Big Ass salad Dinner - Meat and two veggies Snacks if necessary - nuts, cheese, apple, banana

Thanks for the help



on July 07, 2011
at 11:18 PM

4 raw eggs in the shake? Our bodies can only digest half of the protein from raw eggs. Better of cooking them

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on July 07, 2011
at 08:20 PM

Some simple suggestions, or changes I might make if this were me....

Remember your pwo meal is for recovery of the damage you have just done, so make sure it is carbs and protein, no fats and this is an "extra" meal for the day. This might actually be a good place for that protein shake as those nutrients will get shuttled into your system quicker. So eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout and then eat again within the next 2 hours.

On non-workout days I would suggest eating whole foods instead of the shakes for breakfast as this will keep you more full for longer. Get some healthy fats in there with your eggs, or steak or chicken or whatever your breakfast protein may be.

I have run this way before pretty succesfully. Hope this helps.



on July 07, 2011
at 08:31 PM

@Tamra - The 4 egg shake is just 4 eggs and a half scoop of chocolate protein powder blended. Ummm frothy. Thanks

PWO will be a protein shake and a yam.

@Todd - I am doing this to break a plateu of sorts and to see if I'm mentally tough enough.



on July 07, 2011
at 08:10 PM

It would help us help you if we knew what are you trying to achieve. Weight loss, weight gain? That's a lot of crossfit...

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