Are there any Paleo's living here in Guadalajara, Jalisco?

Answered on March 07, 2014
Created March 07, 2014 at 1:41 AM

Today, March 6th, 2014, I learned about the Paleo diet for the first time strolling through Chris Kresser's web site. And reading the incredible success stories greatly peaked my interest... And then I stumbled across the comment about the difference between grass fed and grain fed cattle and quickly became concerned, as I did when I started being concerned about the difference in eating organically and conventionally, living here in Mexico... My father-in-law was an organic coffee producer (still produces, but conventionally and we sell his coffee). So I am incredibly familiar with the reasons why a Mexican farmer would go "conventional" when they could... regardless of ethical or moral beliefs connected with the modern diet and the modern agricultural market and economic systems that make conventional much more cost effective... I would like to jump into the Paleo experience. But, I am almost certain that it will be extremely difficult to find butchers that can verify the diets and origins of their meat... Like asking around for Calves Liver ... I'm fluent in Spanish living here in Mexico for over 11 years married to my wife who does not speak English for the same amount of time... It's not a language issue... It's a cultural issue and the truth is that most people working for butchers are working there just to pay their "bills" and aren't concerned about where is their meat and what is the quality... And most owners of butchers are just concerned about selling meat, about the greatest price differential between what they pay the seller and what they can charge the buyer... Neither the one or the other will care about the origin of the meat, and probably will ignore the question or just say "yes", since their concern and job is to sell meat to who appears infront of their counter...

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on March 07, 2014
at 09:23 PM

Hey Ariadne, where in Guadalajara did you live and what do you miss most about here? I understand what you mean about "pretentious"... like the Hampshire College classmates driving their Saabs with bumper stickers that read "Kill a developer..." but where did these 20-year-olds get the money for their luxury cars? I guess they are saying to kill their parents or their grandparents... Organic... Vegan... Acupuncturist and spa visiting yippies... As social movements I see something very pretentious and hypocritical... Makes some people wonder, "does living truly healthy mean one must be wealthy?" I tend not having circles since my perspective tends towards being socially unpopular... But, after all the reading on nutrition and health, it would be nice if one could live organically... And considering buying grass-fed animal products (if the only options in Mexico are organic) does cause sirens to howl when it comes to concerns about cost... Do you still live in Mexico? I ask, because the last Ariadne I knew I met in San Luis Potosi. She moved to Mexico City with her boyfriend and I believe she is a recent mother... Mexican and bilingual in English... If you are not the same Ariadne, not a problem. Nice meeting you anyway... Ross


on March 07, 2014
at 08:29 PM

Hey! I don't live in Gdl, but I did for a year in 2010 and I miss it :( From memory though, "organic" etc... isn't very big - I know amongst my circle it was considered totally pretentious. To be honest though, I wouldn't worry about it - one of the big things with paleo is about eating real food as opposed to processed food, and there's plenty of that in Mexico! Salads are cheap and amazing and real meat is plentiful - c'mon, as if those tacos de lengua (sin tortilla) aren't the best. Organic isn't necessary to live the Paleo experience... although perhaps giving up pretty much everything Mexican is, unfortunately (sorry, chilaquiles)

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on March 07, 2014
at 04:29 PM

Hola Nats. ¿cómo están los Monte Regios? Son 6 años desde la ultima vez pasamos tiempo abajo el Cerro de la Silla y con nuestro amigo Angel Robles de Radio Televisión Nueva Leon... Para lo cultural y organico, Guadalajara es lejos de ser como DF o Monterrey... Ojalá pudiera encontrar una tienda o carniceria organica aquí... Me da muchísimo gusto recibir de ti una respuesta.





on March 07, 2014
at 04:14 AM

Hola :) bueno yo vivo en Monerrey (Nuevo Leon), y aqui ya tenemos varias tiendas de carne organica... Lo que yo hice fue buscarlas en google, y me aparecieron varios lugares. Normalente son pequeños, y lo mas probable es que estén en esas zonas donde hay tiendas orgánicas o de salud (a veces en plazas muy finas). Todo sería cuestión de buscar...

Y por cierto, que bueno que encontraste la dieta paleo! De verdad vas a sentir el cambio en tu salud, yo me di cuenta super rápido... En fin, acuerdate que si la carne que compras no es orgánica, debes de comprar los cortes más magros, por que todo lo malo que le dan a las vacas se almacena en su grasa. Si la carne es organica, no importa la cantidad de grasa (aunque mientras más tiene, mas rica sabe ;)

buena suerte -Nat

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