Am I eating too much?

Answered on November 29, 2013
Created November 29, 2013 at 5:36 PM

I'm 58, 5', 147 lbs. I started the paleo diet 1 week ago and I'm completely strict in following it entirely. I need to lose 20 lbs. I always ate healthy before but included grains, dairy and legumes in my diet, which of course I have since eliminated. I have no issues with the diet at all. I eat a solid breakfast, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, or sm piece of steak or 2 breakfast sausage every morning around 7 or 8 am, a snack around 10:30 lunch around 12:30, snack at 2-3 pm and supper at 5:30-6 pm and sometimes a snack around 7 but its light. I'm not starving but I feel hungry for a snack quite often, I only eat my meals until I'm full and then stop. Is this normal for me on paleo?Am I eating too much or can i still eat paleo snacks when I want. I don't count calories and I don't weigh myself, (not yet) I feel good, I exercise 3-4 x week, yoga, pilates or walking 4 miles, sometimes more than one in one day. How much can I eat in a day? I'm also craving grapefruit juice, which I used to drink daily.

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3 Answers



on November 29, 2013
at 07:56 PM

when i first started low carb paleo, i was eating ALL the time. i was up at 2 am having bone broth and tuna or an energy bar and having steak at 6 am. it was nuts. when my body got used to lower carbs, i wasn't ravenous all the time. i recently added in resistant starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes and i'm way more satisfied and less hungry now.

i'm not much of a snacker anymore though. i like to eat meals and give my gut a break between them.


on November 29, 2013
at 06:36 PM

Each to their own really, but I am not hungry enough to eat more than just a late breakfast and dinner....definitely once you're carb cravings die, you shouldn't need the snacks.

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on November 29, 2013
at 06:12 PM

My first week or two, i craved carbs all the time, and i always felt like my stomach was on empty because of it. This could be whats going on with you. Eventually you fell quite satisfied, once the carb/sugar cravings stop!

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