UK - career change to become a paleo nutritionist - is it possible?

Answered on April 23, 2013
Created April 22, 2013 at 8:54 PM


I'd like to change my career to work from home in the future, partly to care for my child and I have a second one on the way. I'm looking at possible jobs that I can work from home.

I'd like to start training to be nutritionist. I've been Paleo for about two years now and I'd say my understanding of nutrition is very good compared to the general population but obviously not as good as a professional nutritionist.

The issue in the UK is there seems to be a big difference between the respect for nutritional therapists (which anyone can call themselves) and registered dieticians (degree and registration of professional body needed - they are regulated).

I'd like as much 'professional standing' as possible - but I can only study part-time. Has anyone made the jump? Does anyone have any experience? Has anyone set themselves up as a Paleo adviser at all? Are there any distance learning or part-time courses anyone would recommend?

Any help very much appreciated!

Thank you



on April 22, 2013
at 11:54 PM

I've got a similar interest although i'm more into the research side of things so looking to go down the biomedical science or human biology route. As a side note- happy to see paleoheads in Norn Irn Dave!



on April 22, 2013
at 10:01 PM

If you're in Northern Ireland, I'd support you! Failing that, I still support you, I just can't come visit. :(

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on April 22, 2013
at 11:43 PM

I've been offering Ancestral Nutrition coaching internationally via phone and Skype for the past 2 years as part of my Life coaching/Pregnancy coaching practice. Not a huge part of what I do, as yet, but it is growing!

I have a certificate in Nutrition consulting from Premier Training in the UK, but I am primarily self-taught. 3 years Primal.

There are some online nutrition training programs available. Do a search of this site--the question has been asked before.

ETA: Most of my clients are in the UK. I lived in Scotland for 6.5 years.

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