Can't afford clean paleo (grass-fed, organic, etc.) - Should I do what I can?

Answered on April 28, 2015
Created April 27, 2015 at 6:23 AM

Hello everyone,

I signed up some time ago, been reading up on some basics and eventually stopped following the plan to go for Paleo. I understand the emphasis on good meat, good fish and quality products. However, given my current situation, I just can't afford going full on organic products. Especially meat etc. ist just not something I can afford.

I am wondering though: What do you guys and gals think, would it make sense to just start and go as "clean" as I financially can? Or would it be extremely unhealthy given the increase in meat and stuff and all the bad stuff I'd take up with it? 


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on April 27, 2015
at 10:40 AM

Go with very lean cuts of CAFO beef, usually the tougher stuff is what you're after.  Invest in a crockpot/slowcooker.  Since most of the toxins are going to be in the CAFO meat's fat.  CAFO liver and other organ meats and bones will also be inexpensive and should be fine.


Go easy on the chicken because it contains mostly omega 6 fats.  Always wash it thoroughly as they dip it in ammonina or chlorine or other stuff to kill off bacteria, and you don't want to be eating that.


Replace those fats with things like coconut oil and such.  Best thing you can do is save up and buy a 1gal or 5gal drum from TropicalTraditions and be careful when you take coconut oil out of it and move it to jars so it will last a very long time. Sorry, but CAFO butter isn't going to be a good choice, so avoid that.


Use stuff like sardines in water, and avoid anything canned in soy or other objectionable oils.  Avoid tuna of course due to mercury.


Eggs are very cheap, but you'll need to eat 2x-3x the eggs to get the same nutrition as pastured eggs, and as always you'll want to eat more yolks than whites because the whites are high in methionine and can cause high homocysteine levels unless you eat the yolks which contain the right combination of B vitamins to counter it.  But, if you eat whole eggs, most of those B vitamins go to countering the methionine, so throw out some of the whites.  If anything, I'd throw out half of the whites.


Buy as many leafy greens as you can, frozen stuff like spinach is fine, but avoid canned.  Root veggies should be fairly inexpensive.


on April 28, 2015
at 09:29 PM

Absolutely, do the best you can to eat clean. If you are eating cheese, choose imported ones as these are more often from cows that are fed and treated better than cattle here in the US.

Also, it is a good idea to add some detox supplements to your diet. Chlorella is a superb natural cleansing agent and a great detoxifier for our bodies. It works to cleanse the kidneys, bowels, liver and bloodstream – the organs and systems that detox our bodies. But, it is important to choose  a Chlorella supplement that is grown in a clean environment. Like it attracts toxins in our bodies, it attracts toxins in it's growing environment. Perfect Chlorella is grown in a pollution-free, toxin-free and pesticide free environment on the Hainan Island. It comes in capsule or powder forms. To find out more about or purchase Perfect Chlorella, visit us here at NourishingWorld.com.

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