Have you written Amazon.com reviews for paleo books?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 05, 2012 at 5:35 PM

Many have had their lives changed after reading their first paleo book. It struck me today that despite this, I've never written a review for a paleo book.

So I just wrote one for my favorite paleo book, Perfect Health Diet. Next up is Deep Nutrition. Have you written any? If you've read any of these popular books, why not write up a little review? It can help those searching for a new diet who are comparing paleo books to vegan advocacy books.

Primal Blueprint
The Paleo Solution
The Paleo Diet
Primal Body, Primal Mind

(Honorary Quasi-paleo books)
Good Calories, Bad Calories
The Great Cholesterol Con


on January 05, 2012
at 06:32 PM

no. if you edit the question to include the twilight series i may amend my answer, tho.

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on January 05, 2012
at 09:08 PM

I wrote a review for the Paleo Solution that got published in an ADA newsletter (a California branch). I'm actually surprised it got accepted but the woman I corresponded with was excited to read it.



on January 05, 2012
at 05:37 PM

I wrote one for the Primal Blueprint, since I purchased it and used it as a model for my first 3 months.

Edit: Well, I really thought I had but my AZ account didn't show one so I just did one now. Thanks for the reminder!

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on January 05, 2012
at 07:02 PM

Reviewing books is a great idea. How curious, though, the idea of actually reading the books first! I have encountered many comments here of this type: "I see Dr. So-and-So has just published a new book. From the title I can tell it sucks. What a sell-out! Does anybody else who hasn't read the book agree with me?"

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