Babies and Paleo - Finally coming around?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created September 25, 2012 at 1:58 PM

Came across this article today. Just makes sense, at least to me...




on September 25, 2012
at 08:52 PM

Thank you for posting this!!! Now, if the US government would just get out of bed with the grain industry and Monsanto...



on September 25, 2012
at 05:45 PM

Nice!!! Plus recommending 2+ years of breastfeeding, fabulous.

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on September 25, 2012
at 07:38 PM

My husband and I switched to paleo when our now nearly two-year-old was ten weeks old, and so she has been raised paleo. We did baby-led weaning, so her first 'meal' at six months was asparagus and lamb chop! She had had meat on a daily basis ever since, and even before she could bite properly she was chewing on lovely strips of rare steak so she was getting iron and good nutritional stuff from the juice.

I don't know why anyone would feed babies all that weird mushy stuff, whole foods and breast milk (now raw milk as I stopped nursing when she was 15 months) is the way forward. Also whole foods are much better for mouth and jaw development, and actually make choking less likely, as they learn to handle pieces of food right away, and to chew before swallowing.


on September 25, 2012
at 07:35 PM

Our Canadian pediatrician recommending us to feed our child egg at 6 months was part of what got me researching the paleo movement to begin with. I thought, well, if fat and protein are the best foods for infants, it would make sense if they're the best foods for me too.



on September 25, 2012
at 02:55 PM

It's definitely a step in the right direction. I would love to see something like this in the U.S., but unfortunately our Government is too beholden to the grain industry. :-( Interesting about the puree. We don't plan to puree any foods when the time comes (just start her sucking and munching on solids), but I'm bookmarking it just in case we change our minds!


on September 25, 2012
at 02:34 PM

A baby doesn't know what era he/she has been born in. I would feed a baby the most natural and ancestral diet possible (starting with breast milk, of course) that includes both flora and fauna.

The best past of the article is....I FINALLY found a recipe for "Pur??ed Baby Meat!" Git in ma bellay!



on September 26, 2012
at 12:41 AM

I didn't buy baby food for my youngest. He was breast fed until he was able to eat from the table. Rarely ill. Beautiful teeth. Not a single cavity at age 10 even though he had not received regular dental care due to lack of insurance, until recently. The kids still eat some grains that my husband and I don't, but usually a Paleo supper. Not a lot of sweets though.

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