Does raw dairy help or hinder autoimmune diseases and pityrosporum folliculitis info?

Commented on January 26, 2016
Created September 29, 2014 at 7:09 AM

So I have an ai disease called granuloma annulare where the skin gets inflamed, but it's not that bad.  I've.had it since I was a child.  I'm wondering if raw dairy is good or bad. I've been drinking raw jersey cow milk for a while and I love it.  However, on one end you have the anti dairy people then you have groups like the Amish who have  hardly any asthma or autoimmune issues.  The next problem is the "sweat acne" I have which is an overgrowth of  the malasezzia yeast.  I eat pastured meats and eggs.  I am consuming raw dairy, but I can't get clear skin. I don't drink anything but water and raw milk. I have raw kefir too. I work out frequently, and I am very muscular. This sweat acne is driving me insane. I quit protein shakes. I don't take creatine.  I've dabbled with cod liver oil and biokult probiotics.  So you guys think I should do paleo  autoimmune? There's also some ppl that say saturated fat make sweat acne worse so I'm kind of stuck.  Also if I go for Paip, I lift a lot  not know if I could maintain mass without dairy and eggs.  Anyways, I  really appreciate any of your responses. 



on January 26, 2016
at 06:52 PM

DO I have to boil raw milk before drinking? Please advise.

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on October 04, 2014
at 07:16 PM

I don't think so.... I've been dx with 2 autoimmune diseases and for about 6 months I cut out dairy. (Unless accident at restaurants something cooked in butter). but no dairy at all, not even ghee. 

So in January I started drinking raw milk and having raw butter and I did not develop any inflammatory signs or symptoms. Which would always be some sort of tendonitis in my Achilles or knee, and bad acne. However, I haven't had conventional dairy. I did notice some achy knees with raw cheese. But NOT raw milk or raw butter. Grass fed regular butter & Jeni's grass fed icecream don't bother me either ;)

and I had to stop exercising for other reasons but when I stopped crossfit, my acne went away. So my acne was not related to the raw dairy. This has taken a very long time for me to figure out. Maybe because I did eliminate it and healed my leaky gut... I hope :)


on October 05, 2014
at 01:45 AM

I'll try the protocol lol mine got worse with crossfit.. I can crank down the intensity but I can't stop. Thank you for commenting!

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