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Answered on September 10, 2013
Created September 08, 2013 at 7:17 AM

I had my gall bladder removed the day Wills and Catherine were married (can't remember the date but it was on TV in recovery) and have not had the problems that people normally have, but I was on a low fat, no red meat, no dairy, no wheat diet at the time and I just wondered if eating meat and eggs and particularly nuts, would affect me?

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on September 10, 2013
at 11:29 AM

I was on a diet where they encouraged me to eat lots of cereals and pulses but had terrible bloating and wind. Now I have cupboards full of chickpeas and lentils etc.... I would love to know if I am still able to have oats occasionally, if not it's no great hardship, I just miss my porridge on cold Winter mornings.



on September 10, 2013
at 10:27 AM

Yeah, it's a bad thing to have done. Now, you'll need to consume a bunch of digestive enzymes pills that contain Betaine HCL and oxbile before each meal that contains fat/protein. I use Now Super Enzymes (capsules, not tablets) for this. Take 3-5 of these pills before each meal, and don't drink too much water before or immediately after the meal.

If you skip these, you'll have trouble digesting fats, and worse, absorbing fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D) and won't thrive.

The good news is that you'll do just fine with these, and over time you'll adjust. You can tell how well you're digesting by the shape of your poops and whether it floats - it shouldn't float and it should look like smooth logs.

A lot of celiacs have gall bladder trouble, so you might find you also have an intolerance to grains that you might not be a aware of.

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on September 10, 2013
at 06:40 AM

Thank you anon. also. I find it difficult to eat fat anyway (it makes me physically ill) but I occasionally sneak a bit of chicken skin, and as I said above, I love my chilli and avocados and sometimes have bacon. But, having been conditioned for years, approx. 39years, to cutting off or cutting out so many foods, I am finding it difficult to get into the habit of ordering these foods let alone cook with them.

I still cannot tolerate dairy,wheat, gluten and e-nos. which is one of the reasons Paleo appealed to me, but my cupboards are full of lentils, chickpeas, beans of all descriptions and soya substitutes. Porridge! I love oats and oatmeal but it is not a lot to ask to give up. However, it used to be a great comfort after a bout of gastritis.

Anyway thanks for your helpful comments and good luck on your continued journey.


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on September 10, 2013
at 06:27 AM

Thank you skinnrg, it makes doing Paleo more pleasurable, I actually enjoy going food shopping and look forward to eating some of the things I have created now. Even a simple salad can have added zing with sun dried tomatoes or a finely chopped anchovy hidden in the romaine lettuce. I still have trouble swallowing meat but I AM DELIGHTED that I can have my Paleo style chilli! (loo rolls in the fridge).

It was nice of you to say you haven't had any trouble because food still has its horrors for me and it's nice to know that I, potentially, have othing to be scared of.



on September 09, 2013
at 05:43 PM

I had my gall bladder out as well (after a low fat diet - no coincidence there), but I had it out years before paleo. I would have big time problems when I had any significant quantity of fat with emergency runs to the restroom. Once I got into paleo eating, I started ramping up my fat content more and more. I found that increasing little by little over time helped me tolerate it better. In addition, I find that when I don't eat enough fat, I start having gall bladder like pains again (after a couple of days). I have a friend who has the exact same issue, and his "phantom gallbladder" pain went away after upping his fat content.

Somtimes I over do the fat, but life is better for me now that I eat more fat. I eat way more fat than those who have gall bladders and I have less problems. It takes a while to get used to the fat, but it can be done fairly easily.


on September 09, 2013
at 05:22 PM

I had my gall bladder removed 6 years ago. I used to have major issues with greasy food.

My stomach has never been so good since I went Paleo. I eat a lot of meat, eggs and nuts and I don't have any issues.



on September 09, 2013
at 06:07 AM

hi Scottie54,

Not sure about meat/nuts/eggs specifically, but you want to avoid a low carb diet & a too high fat diet.

& do not eat fats alone, always eat with carbs or carbs & protein.

I answered a similar question here the other day (more info there, have a look)...you may do well on the 'perfect health diet' 'weight loss' version, which is "about 30-40% fat as compared to 55% fat on the regular (PHD) diet", more info here http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2011/02/perfect-health-diet-weight-loss-version/ Note, even tho this is the PHD weight loss version, you can follow these macronutrient ratios long term (maintenance), just make sure you get enough calories.

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