Stomach Pain & Lack of Appetite

Asked on April 17, 2017
Created April 17, 2017 at 10:35 PM

I have been trying to eat more or less Paleo for about a year now, however I tend to err more toward plant-based fats than meats. Lately, I have been trying to incorporate more meats and high-fat foods into my diet but I have no appetite what so ever. When I do have an appetite, it's for chicken or egg tacos (corn tortillas) and rice and beans. I eat them even though they aren't paleo because otherwise I wouldn't really eat anything at all. No matter what I eat, I tend to get full very quickly and I feel like the food just sort of sits in my stomach. I am prone to bloat and I get bloated almost everytime that I eat.   

My doctor suggested that I take apple cider vinnegar before meals. I have been doing that and I seem to tolerate it well, but I still can't eat comfortably. I have noticed a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach about 2 or 3 hours after eating, and it gets worse if I eat meats or difficult to digest foods. I have lost between 8 and 12 pounds over the past two months, and I think undereating is seriously impacting my mental health. Any thoughts on boosting appetite or stomach pain and bloating with meats/ most other foods? 

Excercise only boosts my appetite sometimes, not always. Trying to lose viceral fat and gain muscle strength, but without eating, I am, understandably having a difficult time. Sometimes I also feel like I have chest pains under my left breast. Bowel movements seem ok, but vary. Trying to go low carb/high fat, but I struggle to have an appetite for fat. 

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