My turn -- Any insight into my mystery pain?

Commented on August 05, 2012
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For about a year now, I've had extremely bad pain both 2 weeks before I bleed, the week of my bleeding and for the week around ovulation. This makes for about a week of feeling ok every month. Previous to this, I had reasonably severe PMS but it limited itself to a week or two before menses.

After a few months of this intense pain (we're talking pain bad enough for me to curl into a ball and not be able to walk) I had a hysterocopy and a few other exploratory procedures to attempt to find signs of endometriosis but the tests were inconclusive. Interestingly, about a week after the surgery, my mysterious pain didn't surface once. I also had to fast for the surgery. Could be related, could be a red herring.

The GYN basically gave up and said that if it's endometriosis, it's not presenting itself in such a way that it can be eradicated in the usual way and referred me to an acupuncturist (who I cannot afford).

I next saw my primary care doc who suggested I try eliminating FODMAPs. I tried this a little, but not in earnest and saw no real change. I saw an GI dr who did a CT scan (not when the pain was occurring) and he didn't see too much out of the ordinary but suspected that a few tests (colonoscopy for one) would likely reveal I had inflammation in my bowel and suggested I take more fiber. He also speculated that since the pain only happened around the times of hormone changes that it could still be "hidden" endometriosis which had clung to the inside of my lower-intestine and is just hanging out causing problems.

His bills were mysteriously not paid for by my insurance so I had to stop seeing him. So, no colonoscopy (mixed feelings of relief and frustration). Taking traditional fiber supplements as well as eating a fair amount of chia seeds or flax caused intense pain (not entirely the same as the other pain). So I stopped pretty much immediately.

And now here I am trying to give FODMAP-avoidance another shot, with adding Paleo in there because when I just avoided FODMAPs I would have 3 gluten-free sandwiches a day and not really be terribly healthy. Anyhow, this is day 2 so I couldn't tell if it's working because the pain is still around but I have high hopes.

I would love some insight or similar stories!



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What are you eating? Supplements?

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