Digestive issues in Paleo kids

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 18, 2011 at 5:47 PM

Hi all - I'm new to Paleo Hacks and I'm loving all the great advice on here! So here's my question: My 5year old has been having digestive issues for years. Since going Paleo last fall things have improved but are still not always that good. Since she was constantly constipated ('normal' according to our family physician) before we all went Paleo, her colon is enlarged and she has lost the ability to feel the urge of having 'to go'. This results in lot of soiled pants... She's on a pretty strict Paleo diet and constipation is no longer an issue, however, she complains about stomach aches at least once a week and her BMs are very foul smelling and very messy- no fun for anyone involved! While some of the sensitivity in her colon seems to have come back, the smell of her poops worry me (her little sisters doing just fine in the poop department). has anyone experienced something like this? Any ideas what could cause it? I hope to find some good advice here, since our family doctor is not much help! THANKS!



on April 21, 2011
at 02:02 AM

thanks everyone!just got some probiotics, we'll see if that helps. we are also trying to eat sauerkraut every day for a while... Poop sample will go to the lab shortly to rule out parasites... And x-ray has been taken to rule out impacted stool... No formal allergy testing has been done but we're quite sure she's lactose and gluten intolerant. @Ikco: no antibiotics use.



on April 18, 2011
at 07:49 PM

Antibiotics usage ?



on April 18, 2011
at 06:30 PM

find another doctor, never accept anything as being 'normal' when you know its not. Keep changing until you find one that seems in tune with your situation. Probiotics was my first thought as well. Also have you tried allergy testing? removing things like nightshades? I'm on the same course right now, simiar situation but I'm way older than 5. Poor baby, I feel for her (and you) GAPS diet for healing is also another thought.....



on April 18, 2011
at 06:01 PM

And please, PLEASE, find a new family physician! It's "normal"...pfff



on April 18, 2011
at 06:00 PM

I'm guessing her stomach is either not producing enough acid or there are some unwanted guests in her gut.

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on April 19, 2011
at 06:01 AM

i had chronic constipation and/or diarrhea for years and years, stomach aches, IBS symptoms etc. what has helped me is high fat, moderate protein, and enough starch from yams, no dairy, LOW to NO vegetables unless steamed but they cannot be on the FODMAP (google it, if child feels natural aversion to these foods its a pretty sure sign) seriously, veggies are not some kind of godsend for people. if you do alright with them on a case-by-case basis, thats cool, but children needn't suffer these modern myths. i eat a small bit of raw grass fed liver for my vitamins and minerals, and add celtic sea salt to my water.



on April 18, 2011
at 06:14 PM

Do you have her on any good probiotics? Do you have any dairy in your diets? (some paleo folks do dairy). And yes, new doctor. constipation is NEVER normal. geeze louise!


on April 18, 2011
at 08:43 PM

My 4 year old daughter has been suffering from chronic constipation, and abnormal and painful bowel movements her whole life. Potty training was very difficult and is still stressful for her. Unfortunately doctors led us down the wrong road when they tried to put her on a hypoallergenic formula and acid reflux medicine as a baby. The pediatric gastro did some tests which revealed nothing, and they told me to increase her milk intake as a toddler so that she would gain weight. Unfortunately for our family we had not discovered the paleo way of eating. Finally, a pediatric nutritionist helped us. She ended up have an allergy to cows milk and corn. (Corn is the first ingredient in hypoallergenic formulas). We still have a ways to go as far as getting her to enjoy and appreciate eating as she associates it with painful bowel movements, but we have found that increasing her fat (fish oil, turkey bacon, flaxseed), and a probiotic supplement helps. I can go on and on about this subject as I feel very strongly about how stressful and serious chronic constipation is for little ones. I would not rule out a possible allergy or try a probiotic supplement. Good luck!



on April 19, 2011
at 12:41 AM

Also check out the failsafe/feingold/raph diet to rule out other food intolerances, salicylates for example. You're over half way there since you've cut out the processed stuff.

http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/factsheets/FactIBS.htm#diarrhoea http://www.suite101.com/content/sneaky-poos-a170926


on April 18, 2011
at 07:22 PM

I have no business answering a medical question...but the very first thing that popped into mind was "fecal transplant."

I covered in LiP, Episode 7: http://www.latestinpaleo.com/paleo-podcast/2011/3/15/episode-7-taubes-oz-poop.html

The Freakonomics clip I play is from this: http://freakonomicsradio.com/the-power-of-poop.html

Here's a thread in PaleoHacks: http://paleohacks.com/questions/14120/fecal-transplant-the-magic-pill#axzz1Ju6LyfFz

This is still a relatively new area of research...but it does sound promising. I would definitely not go the DIY route -- but I thought you'd be interested in the information if you haven't heard of this yet.



on April 18, 2011
at 06:29 PM

Poor thing :( I'd get her to a new doc ASAP, and then prob on to a gastroenterologist. She could have celiac, maybe aggravated by trace amounts of gluten? They may just diagnose her with IBS; I wouldn't accept that (I think it's a BS diagnosis), but that's just my $.02 I hope she feels better soon!

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