Is this how you become leptin resistant?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 20, 2011 at 5:58 PM


this guiy is purposely gaining weight, and then losing it. how do you think his 'before diet' will compare to what he needs to do in his 'obese' diet?

i am guessing how he maintained before and how he will lose will be vastly different, carbohydrates being key. his 'mt dew addicition' and captncrunch eating have to of caused some leptin resistance, but is it reversible? i think itll be interesting to follow.

i alwaysd wonder about those overfeeding studies where certain people cant lose weight, i am of the opinion though theres A LOT MOE to it than leptin problem/brain problem...



on October 21, 2011
at 12:08 AM

It should be obvious that it would be exceedingly difficult to actually store significant fat without any added to the system, meaning that du novo lipogenesis rate likely has a low upper limit. The point is that simply eating "a lot" of fat won't make you obese. Don't drop the context.

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on October 20, 2011
at 10:04 PM

cliff I attracted a personal record for downvotes by asserting that the calorie-dense mixture of fat and carbs was the biggest cause of obesity. Fructose, sugar and grains are enablers, but it's the fat that delivers the pounds to the midsection.

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on October 20, 2011
at 08:04 PM

Agreed, carbohydrates are the last thing anyone should be worried about!



on October 20, 2011
at 07:57 PM

Carbohydrates???? What about the massive dose of vegetable oil,,,,

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on November 03, 2011
at 11:13 PM

I wish him well but I hope he doesn't find as so many have that he's become addicted and losing won't be as easy as he hopes. Our bodies are very sophisticated chemical processing plants and he's monkeying with the controls.



on October 20, 2011
at 09:41 PM

the true bulking up diet (if you don't care about muscles): fruitarian/fructose + veggie oils + wheat lol. Arnold here i come

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