From Undereating to Overeating- how do I find balance?

Commented on April 14, 2016
Created March 13, 2015 at 10:30 PM

I am a 17 year old female, 5'0", 136 lbs. I have a small frame, so this weight definitely feels uncomfortable for me. Believe it or not, just 5 months ago I was only??79 lbs and was struggling with annorexia. I was encouraged to gain weight, and I was absolutely tired of starving. So I gladly decided to begin eating food again. (Turns out, I really do love food.) I hated the weight gain that came with it, but I also realized that starvation is terrible for??the body's??wellbeing. So I decided that even if I gained weight, I would keep eating.

The problem is...I've now swung to the other extreme. I am very compliant to the Paleo diet in regards to the foods I eat. I eat mostly nonstarchy vegetables along with plenty of meat and healthy fats. The problem is the volume of food that I consume. I was told that eating healthy food naturally curbs overeating. For me, however, this was absolutely not the case.

I gained back the weight and got to a healthy point (about 105 lbs for me). However, I never ever ate fruit because I was afraid of sugar. So one day about??2 months ago, I decided to try some dried peaches in my trail mix.??They were??so sweet and addicting that I ate the entire package in one sitting. I was absolutely disgusted that I didn't have more self-control, and purged afterward. I also took a bunch of laxatives (just to make sure it was out of my system.)

In retrospect, I realize how stupid that mistake was. (No need to counsel me on that aspect; I know it was horrible.) But it did start a vicious cycle that I have no idea how to stop! At first I would eat huge quantities of food and then purge. Then I switched over to only using laxatives. More recently, I've quit doing either of those purging methods, hence my rapid weight gain.

I definitely want to kick my overeating habit before I'm obese. It seems like I'm always at one extreme or the other. Either my diet is "perfect" with no mistakes, or I just eat nonstop. Anyone have any suggestions for an annorexic who became an overeater/bulimic?



on April 14, 2016
at 12:58 AM

I just want to know how you are doing on your eating patterns. I can relate in a lot of way as im on the extremes but i have havnt ever really purged so i just get fat. Did you find balance or do you yoyo still like me?

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on March 13, 2015
at 11:37 PM

This is definitely a mental issue. It sounds like you have a grasp on what your portion sizes should be, so keep up with that. When you are done eating and find yourself craving more you may need a ritual. These are things that help me.??

1. Have a cup of coffee - (i do decaf, black)

2. If that doesn't work go for a walk, or jog in place/ do jumping jacks for a few minutes. Anything physical can work and should break your mind from it's "feeding" state. ??It works for me any way.??

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