Constantly craving and overeating fats

Answered on August 30, 2015
Created August 25, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Hi, I'm struggling with overating 'healthy' fats. I've been on Paleo for about 5 years, just recovered from anorexia (from 46kg to 60kg, 170cm), I'm an athlete, exercise at least two times a day + at least 4 times a week very vigorous workouts. My issue is that I'm constanly craving fats (coconut, nuts-especially macadamia, eggs, avocado) and as soon as I have some, I'm definitely going to overeat. If I try and limit my fat intake or at least stop eating nuts (which are the most problematic for me as I can eat loads and it messes up my digestion badly) I feel low on energy, depressed and never satiated. The biggest issue for me are nut butters and coconut butter. I buy them in 1kg tubs and it's gone in a matter of two weeks... I'm currently trying to lose about 5kg and overeating fats stops me from getting lean which is really frustrating me. Any tips?

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on August 30, 2015
at 11:28 PM

My advice: eat more of them! If your body is craving these things, you need them. Especially after an eating disorder, it's hard to wrap your mind around eating fats being a good thing, but if your body is hankering for them, that means the cravings won't stop until some imbalance is corrected. 
It might only take a few meals, or it may take weeks of eating a very high fat diet. Just make sure you ARE eating healthy fats, and not processed seed oils or lard from conventional pigs. That will make everything worse :)

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