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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created January 22, 2013 at 5:22 AM

I really have been wanting to use different peppers and chilies excluding bell peppers but I cannot find any peppers or chilies not including bell peppers organic. I read that bell peppers are one of the worst to buy non organic so are peppers and chilies just as bad? How can I get them? Are they okay to buy non organic? In looking for both dried chilies and peppers and fresh chilies and peppers.

Thanks, Joshua

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3 Answers


on January 22, 2013
at 06:20 PM

If you want affordable organic peppers, you can use dried or grow your own. Whole Foods has the dry powders avail. For fresh peppers, I grow Serrano, Thai spicy, poblano, and jalape??o. They are virtually maintenance free, just water them.


on February 08, 2013
at 06:25 PM

A lot of ethnic food stores carry a larger variety of dried peppers. Even spice stores are worth checking out, and any stores specializing in asian, or middle eastern cooking should have them. If you cook them slowly on low heat in something fatty like coconut milk it draws out the fresh pepper flavor very well (you will even see the pepper change colors if you do it properly, it will become very bright, almost neon), delicious! I find this to be more cost effective, plus you can make your own hot sauce!!!



on February 06, 2013
at 12:56 AM

Chilies come in pretty low volumes in food even for those who love really spicy foods like me. You can further limit volume if you eat habaneros or other hotter varieties. I wouldn't worry about them being organic or not. Wash them in warm water with some white vinegar in it to be sure.

And yes, you can grow your own like NewPaleon mentioned.

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