Earth fare organic grocery store - ever been?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 22, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Was very excited to read in the local paper this weekend that Earth Fare organic grocery store http://www.earthfare.com/ is moving into the area this summer,..just down the street from me. We already have a Trader Joe's @ 7 miles away - Is Earth Fare better? cheaper? the same? I know it's east coast/southern based company. Our Trader Joe's only has a very small produce section and is a smallish store in general and is always packed on weekends.

This comes right after I made a deal with a local CSA organic farmer to work a few hours a week at his farm for my CSA share box this summer.

Every little bit helps! Now to find a good deal on a cow,....



on March 08, 2011
at 10:57 PM

TJ never has sales though...

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6 Answers


on March 09, 2011
at 12:53 AM

We had an Earth Fare in Asheville NC when I lived there.

Much larger selection than TJ's, however TJ's has better pricing. with both of them being close, if it were me, id be going to both.

However for Meat. I buy ALL of my meat from local farmers. You can't beat it, not for price or health. Hit up Eatwild.com if you havent already.


on May 19, 2011
at 11:30 PM

I've been to the one near where I used to live in Johnson City TN. It reminds me of whole foods and is just as expensive. I live in Madison WI now and we have a great local CSA/CO-OP that is often cheaper than the regular grocery store and carries some paleo foods. I guess if Earth Fare is coming you should be excited, they deal in grassfed meat and free range eggs and the more stores that offer those things the better.



on May 05, 2011
at 09:07 PM

Off topic a bit but something came to mind: I used to work for a manufacturer of a product well-known in natural food industry and my job as a salesperson for them was to call natural/health food stores across the country (Earth Fare was a customer of ours). Most of these stores are still a single proprietorship (in spite of the growth of the chains) and I got to know them well. Over time something became clear to me - the number of owners of these stores who die of cancer is quite high ... much higher than average it seemed to me. No one in this industry eats Paleo - it is all brown rice, high-carb for these people.



on March 24, 2011
at 07:10 PM

LOVE Earth Fare. The closest is an hour away and we do not have a TJ's so I can't offer a comparison. The Earth Fare brand is very affordable. Also, sign up for the newsletter and you get freebies each week and tons of good coupons.


on March 10, 2011
at 04:58 PM

I've been shopping at Earth Fare since I was a little kid,back in the days when it was a dusty shop downtown Asheville(mid 80s-early 90's).Amazing how much they have grown!Always go there when I head back home.It's more a place for treats now, like organic hard ciders,gluten free desserts,gluten free sushi,coffee,chocolate.They do occasionally have good sales on staples, and they carry locally made items.The Asheville stores carry an amazing apple cider that's made about 20 mins down the road.


on February 22, 2011
at 05:04 PM

Earth Fare is nice and along the same lines as Whole Foods. The prices and sales are better than Whole Paycheck, but are seldom as good as Trader Joe's. I would stick with the CSA and supplement with other produce from Earth Fare or TJ's.



on March 08, 2011
at 10:57 PM

TJ never has sales though...

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