Online Blood and Saliva Testing?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 14, 2011 at 5:32 PM

Has anyone used Online Blood and Saliva Testing? If so please give soem feed back and which test were the most helpful. I am 40 y/o female and wd like to find out if my thyroid and adrenal are functioning correctly. Dont want to go to reg DR just yet-- because the 1st thing they want to do is give you drugs



on March 14, 2011
at 05:49 PM

If you have health insurance, it is worth it to go to a regular MD and have a standard blood panel run for free. Once you get the results, there is no reason you have to heed the doctor's recommendations.

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on March 14, 2011
at 11:04 PM

I have used ZRT Laboratory www.zrtlab.com. They have both saliva and blood spot tests. For adrenals, it's best to use saliva testing for DHEA-S and cortisol (4 times a day) and for thyroid (T3, T4, TPO and TSH) they use blood spot. ZRT is a CLIA certified lab that has researchers and docs on staff. I wouldn't do saliva testing with anyone else. Here is some info on saliva and thyroid testing: http://www.zrtlab.com/download-document/46-about-saliva-testing.html http://www.zrtlab.com/download-document/57-thyroid-profile.html


on March 14, 2011
at 08:16 PM

I used the Vitamin D Council's test kit and found it easy, uncomplicated, inexpensive, etc. No knowledge of other online testing facilities.



on March 14, 2011
at 08:02 PM

I have used http://www.anylabtestnow.com/About_Us.aspx for some bloodwork. They have locations all over the US. Plus if you want to buy a career, anylabtestnow is a franchise oportunity.

You just go to the location and tell them what tests you want performed, pay the fee, get your blood drawn. They send it off by FEDEX to a lab. They send you the results by mail. Usually takes about 5 days. You will do the interpretation yourself of the results.

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