Best Source for Omega-6 GLA or DGLA?

Asked on September 14, 2014
Created September 14, 2014 at 1:23 AM

In the initial part of the Omega-6 metabolic pathway, you go from LA to GLA to DGLA.     The steps after DGLA involve AA.    The LA through DGLA are generally anti-inflammatory, whereas the AA steps and beyond are pro-inflammatory.    I am very low on LA and GLA (and therefore probably DGLA), and mid-high on AA.   My question is what are the best dietary sources for GLA and DGLA?

I am trying evening primrose oil, but the problem there is it is 6 to 1 LA to GLA.    The LA to GLA conversion step requires Zinc, and I am having problems processing Zinc (undiagnosed cause so far, but it may be mercury toxicity). 

I would like to find a source for GLA and/or DGLA if there is a source that has less proportion of LA.

If there is a reason why we must preserve ratios of LA to GLA then of course please discuss that too.

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on September 14, 2014
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epo is probably the best option price/quality wise. i would just stick with the epo. look for, cold pressed, non-gmo, 1 gram capsules (personally i think capsules are a better option than a bottle of oil in this case).
you don't need much for 'maintenance', ie. 1 gram per day (100mg GLA). If you are using to treat something. ie. a skin condition, then you probably need more until you get on top of it.

other gla oil option are, including the gla percentages i've seen quoted,
borage oil (17%-25%)(25-40%).
black currant seed oil (15%-20%)(14-17%).
evening primrose (6-14%)(7%-10%).
hemp seed oil (2-4%)

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