What nutrients are in the oil in almond butter?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 11, 2011 at 1:57 PM

Sometimes I spill out the separated oil in almond butter to get rid of unnecessary Omega 6 fats. When doing so, do any of the nutrients (vitamin E, magnesium, etc.) get lost in this process? What nutrients are found in the oil, compared to the flesh of the nut?



on July 11, 2011
at 04:11 PM

Yeah, almonds (actually most nuts) are higher in n6 than n3. Walnuts are like 10:1!!! (Yeah, right, superfood...) Fine to eat in smallish amounts, just don't pound back cans of Blue Diamond.



on July 11, 2011
at 04:06 PM

Yes, even if it is pure organic with no added oil. One of the biggest drawbacks for most nuts is that they contain a lot of omega 6's. A lot of this fat separates from the rest of the nut when made into butter form, and thus it is easier to avoid some of the fat by simply not eating the separated oil.



on July 11, 2011
at 03:16 PM

good idea, I had no idea that the oil contained more O6s....even if its pure organic and no added oil?



on July 11, 2011
at 02:16 PM

great question I always do the same to lower omega 6

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on July 11, 2011
at 02:30 PM

According to NutritionData, 1 oz of almond oil contains:

11mg of vitamin E
2mcg of vitamin K

And that's it. Since you won't be consuming the 5mg of omega-6 that comes in that 1oz, I highly doubt your body is going to miss that 11mg of vitamin E. Someone on here recently posted about replacing the oil portion of nut butters with grassfed butter, which sounds absolutely nutrishilicious.

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