MILA: just another hyped up "miracle-super-food"?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 30, 2011 at 8:44 PM

It's some kind of variation of the chia seed. It's all the rage. Several people have tried to sell me on this. It seems so typical of a new found miracle food with some obscure back story, even though nobody's heard of it.

So I wanted to toss it in front of PaleoHackers like tossing a deliciously helpless rabbit in the middle of a pack of hungry wolves.

People are really pushing this as the very best way to get essential omega 3s.



I blanked out the contact info of the seller (for obvious reasons)

alt text

alt text



on April 04, 2012
at 09:41 AM

Did you just call me hyped-up??! This is war.



on December 13, 2011
at 12:38 PM

its junk........



on March 31, 2011
at 12:35 AM

The name is trademarked. . .



on March 30, 2011
at 09:49 PM

@Patrik - I know. Isn't it amazing? "From the deep regions of the lush rainforest of the Bouillee Bouillee Islands". lol


on March 30, 2011
at 09:45 PM

Mangosteens are freaking awesome! I ate them fresh in Malaysia last summer and couldn't get enough. Can't say that it was a 'super food' for me though.



on March 30, 2011
at 09:35 PM

Every year there is a new "miracle-super-food": Mangosteen, Blue-green algae, Acai berry, etc etc

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7 Answers



on March 30, 2011
at 09:26 PM

Poor conversion of plant omega-3 to usable omega-3.

Poor absorption of its "abundance" of minerals due to phytic acid.

All the other fun stuff associated with anti-nutrients found in seeds (gut irritants, etc.)

Pretty much my standard argument against all these miracle seeds.



on March 30, 2011
at 09:53 PM

17 Times More Hype Than ANYTHING Previously Known!

Please make this a miracle seed (for us) by sending $19.95 (plus shipping & handling)...



on March 31, 2011
at 01:27 AM

Birds love when I put chia seeds out on the patio. I probably would too if I was the size of a sparrow, had a gizzard and spent the last 50 million years in an evolutionary arms race with grass seeds.


on September 25, 2012
at 10:05 AM

You should watch this lecture by Dr. Adirel Tel-Oren. If will put these seeds in new light... http://www.clarysageseedsoil.com/2012/09/25/dr-adiel-tel-oren-the-ruth-about-proteins/



on April 04, 2012
at 02:00 AM

Mila is amazing. We order ours at www.ordermila.com. No brainer.



on December 13, 2011
at 11:54 AM

MILA, a blend of 8 highly nutritious ancient chia seeds grown in nutrient dense soil, has a nutrient profile that has been verified by 3rd party testing to be better on each nutrient than other "chia" on the market.

One reason MILA is more nutritious than other chia (of which there is over 100 types) is b/c of the blend, each seed contains 2-3 of the components of the nutrients, another is the patented process of accessing the Omega 3's and the third is the soil it's grown in. Five of these seeds as well as the land they are grown on is owned by the company.

Unlike other chia, MILA has lab proof that it converts to EPA and the clinicals on lowering cholesterol, weight loss and autism among thousands of testimonies of improved health.



on December 13, 2011
at 12:38 PM

its junk........

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