Achieving Optimal Omega 6/3 ratios?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 19, 2011 at 8:16 AM

First off I want to state that I don't have access to grass fed meat and I'm not too keen on fish (Except sushimi). I've been reading a bit more about linoleic acid and Susan Allport's little "Supersize me" like expose on omega 6.

"The change in resting metabolic rate wasn???t all (5% drop). At the same time my RMR was falling, my arteries were becoming stiffer, or less able to expand and contract, as revealed by the follow-up ultrasound. In just 30 days, the amount of dilation my brachial artery was capable of had dropped by 22%, a change much larger than the day-to-day variation of this test. The direction of this change was also predicted by what is known about omega-6s, but the amplitude surprised everyone involved in this project.

In the coming weeks, these findings from Volek???s lab were backed up by the results of the blood tests, analyzed by Bibus in Minnesota. At the same time my metabolic rate was decreasing and my arteries were becoming stiffer, the omega-6s in my red blood cells (and therefore the rest of my body) were increasing and the amount of omega-3s were falling ??? dramatically and precipitously.

In just ten days, the total amount of omega-3s in my red blood cells had dropped from 10% to 6%. The amount of omega-6s had risen from 21% to 29%. "

So step number one would be eliminating all seed oils as the paleo diet recommends. Heavy Cream has about 0.9g of linoelic acid in 100g compared to say corn oil which has an astonishing 57g per 100g Say you get about 150g of fat in your diet. Even if you're limited to grain fed meat, you can limit the linoleic acid by eating lean, very low fat cuts of meat. I use beef tallow (Grain fed, is there anyway to discern between that and grass fed?) to cook my meats or coconut oil. Probably no more than 10-20g a day so they probably add no more than 1g of linoelic oil.

So lets say you have a total of 4g of lineolic acid a day. You take 3-4g of codliver oil a day and you've only evened out the ratios so far (Not accounting for other sources of omega3). So where do you get the rest if you only eat fish 1-2 times a week. Or if you don't have access to grass fed meat?

Ideas? Thank you.

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on January 19, 2011
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Not sure if this is what you are asking, but you seem to have the right idea. Avoid vegetable oils and processed foods. Cook with pastured butter rather than oils. Favor beef and lamb over poultry. If you can stand fish or fish oil, that will help. That might get you to 2:1 which sounds reasonable.

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