my daughter on paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 18, 2012 at 7:58 PM

i have a 2 year old with gluten and soy and dairy food sesativities (she gets very consipated, and then it hurts her). i do very well on the paleo diet but she seems to get cloged up and gets that huge destened belly if she dosent get some (small amounts)of white rice. who knows why? she cheets sometimes not on perpose but she eats anything any other kid drops on the floor. shes two so im not gonna be able to stop it. she dosnt really eat sugar, or pakaged food and she eats everything!!!!! im gonna go broke feeding this girl. any suggestions?



on October 18, 2012
at 08:06 PM

If your daughter has got issues with gluten, she's probably got issues with ALL grains.

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6 Answers


on October 18, 2012
at 09:02 PM

Feed that kid starch! Most of them seem to develop some digestive problems on very low carb.

I'm not a kid but I'm similar :p (5'5", 100-105 lbs, low body fat, super-high-energy and activity) and frankly, I feel like shit without plenty of carbs. But, I do have grain sensitives, so I stick to white rice, potatoes, other tubers, etc. Starch is not evil - unless your have broken your metabolism and can't maintain normal body fat percentages without cutting it out.


on October 19, 2012
at 01:19 AM

She cheets (sic)?? She is two for crying out loud!

Let her eat carbs please. There are plenty of options besides grains if she's sensitive.



on October 18, 2012
at 11:31 PM

have you tried the specific carbohydrate diet with her? that includes getting rid of all starches/grains so her gut can heal.

what exactly is she eating now?



on October 18, 2012
at 08:25 PM

"Who knows why?" I think I do. White rice is a source of soluble fiber which helps form nice soft stools. I would encourage more soluble fiber foods - starchy veg, bananas - along with lots of fat and water to keep things moving. And probiotic foods/supplement.


on October 18, 2012
at 10:21 PM

I learned this from my sons pediatrician and it worked wonders... any fruit that starts with "p" will help with "pooping." Try that to get things moving and some relief... then follow what the others were saying about proper amounts of fat and so on. (Some of these "p" fruits have more sugar than others, so just be careful of that. =) ) HTH



on October 18, 2012
at 09:19 PM

How much fat is she getting? It sounds a lot like she's not getting enough saturated fat. Don't give her too much at once or else she'll get the runs. Coconut oil is probably your best bet, and you don't need to get the expensive kind either. Give her the fattiest cuts of meat too. Both the constipation and constant eating sound like symptoms of not having enough fat.

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