Should I take Cod LIver OIl? (Green Pasture)

Commented on March 26, 2013
Created January 14, 2013 at 1:26 PM

Should I take cod liver oil coupled with a paleo diet? Is it even necessary? What are the benefits?

I'm speaking particularly of Green Pasture's cod liver oil. It's expensive running a bit more than $40 or so a bottle and a teaspoon a day will finish it in under a month.




on March 26, 2013
at 04:27 PM

Fish oil or any other isolated omega-3 fatty acid supplement is geared toward balancing the ratio of n3:n6 (n=omega) in your body. If you’re eating a Standard American Diet, that ratio is likely 1:10 to 1:20. From an ancestral and general health perspective, this ratio should be under 1:4, if possible. Instead of supplementation, I recommend that you eat fish (a whole food) to get omega-3. Nutrients in food are much more bio-available than supplements. It’s also difficult to know and trust the source of your isolated omega-3 supplements.



on January 14, 2013
at 02:30 PM

Depends on your diet.

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on March 07, 2013
at 11:16 PM

Does anyone know if I can take FCLO and fish oil together or is that too much?? Should I stop taking my fish oil now that I started taking FCLO?


on January 29, 2013
at 02:50 AM

Camelina Oil is much better tasting, and better for you in terms of Omega's 3 / 6 ratios as well as the natural vitamin E. Very affordable.

Here is a link to where i get mine. They make it for dogs too.

Whole Health Camelina


on January 29, 2013
at 01:46 AM

I buy the fermented cod liver oil + butter oil blend. I really, REALLY, hate the taste, and Green Pastures totally overcharges for capsules. I bought my own empty capsules and a large food syringe off of amazon and I make my own cod liver oil/butter oil capsules and I save lots of money that way. I take teaspoon a day and one jar lasts me months.

This is the only way I can get liver into my diet, I hate liver!



on January 29, 2013
at 01:28 AM

i take it a few times a week for the A and D and anti inflammatory properties. looking back, i WISH i had bought the capsules. the liquid is really disgusting and much fishier than nordic natural cod liver oil. i have to chug coconut water or juice with it because plain water doesn't get that rotten taste out of my mouth. the oil itself is brown- not clear like regular CLO.



on January 15, 2013
at 12:23 AM

My kids and I take it. I don't do high dose since I get most of these things from diet/lifestyle. I would suppose the benefits are that its a like a whole food supplement. No distilling or isolation of vitamins or other cofactors known or unknown. I actually find that last portion to be quite important. If you get the blend you will be sure to get some O3, K2, A, and D. There has been conjecture that the D is actually better used and you don't need as much of it because its in the FCLO. I'm not sure about that, but would love to see a study done on it. Did find this though: http://www.westonaprice.org/cod-liver-oil/update-on-vitamins-a-and-d



on January 14, 2013
at 02:48 PM

I prefer to get my A from liver or liver paté, my D3 from the sun & Carlsons Solar D Gems and my Omega 3 from diet & Neptune Krill Oil (both cheap on iHerb.com.)

The D to A ratio in CLO is not evolutionarily sound. Search other related posts on this site for more discussion.



on January 14, 2013
at 02:05 PM

its a source of Vitamin A and D as well, the fermented one you speak of

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