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on April 30, 2014
at 09:54 AM

I've found I prefer to have my fat with food rather than by itself, so veggies cooked in plenty of olive oil or lard, when I eat an avocado i fill up the scooped out pip hole with avocado oil, I do sometimes take some coconut oil on a long walk for if I run low on energy, I occasionally have a swig of olive oil because it tastes great, or some butter/coco oil after a workout as it gives me great clear energy, the MCTs producing ketones I think.

I don't feel fat by itself a lot of the time is a good idea as like any calories it's a stress on digestion, your body has to work to burn the fat and I feel like it would like some nutrients along with the fat so the stress is worth it, if that makes sense.



on April 30, 2014
at 06:30 AM

just on principle this sounds unhealthy.

Of course in moderation each one of those things *could* be beneficial, but how much? Who knows and without question you would be getting a ton of calories with possibly much less nutrient density than if you got those calories from real food.

Maybe if you already get all your nutrients from other sources and you add these oils to other foods to boost your calories...assuming you need a stupidly high calorie intake for some reason.

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