If my fish oil oxidized, is there any point in taking it?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 03, 2011 at 5:16 PM

Pretty sure it's oxidized. It's extra fishy smelling, and causes me to have some nasty fish burps. I completely forgot to refrigerate them. I'm willing to deal with the nasty burps if they're still doing me any good. Are they still beneficial at this point?



on June 04, 2011
at 12:20 AM

I figured as much. Thanks!



on June 03, 2011
at 08:05 PM

Plus one for asking this an alerting many of the pitfall.



on June 03, 2011
at 08:04 PM

Dave is correct....you are better off eating a BigMac.



on June 03, 2011
at 06:08 PM

No. Throw them out.

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on June 03, 2011
at 06:51 PM

I think that your nose knows best. If it smells bad, it's literally millions of years of evolution yelling "Don't Eat!" at you.


on June 03, 2011
at 05:23 PM

If your fish oil is really fishy it's probably rancid. I've had luck with Carlson brand.

You could also try Fermented fish oil/ cod liver oil by Greener pastures, which tastes horribly fishy but it's safely fermented rather than rancid. It's very expensive, though.

I asked a similar question a while ago http://paleohacks.com/questions/32354/is-carlson-cod-liver-oil-too-oxidized-to-be-worth-it#axzz1OEKVOhJ8

and someone showed me this chart which is how Carlson processes their fish oil to prevent oxidation. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/skins%5CSkin_1%5CBrochures/FAQaboutFishOils.pdf


on June 03, 2011
at 05:41 PM

Well I've been sick to my stomach (including vomiting) quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, and I now have it narrowed down to the fish oil supplements, for what it's worth, so I'd say no. I'll update if I get sick again without taking them, but so far, so good.



on November 27, 2011
at 06:19 PM

false you cannot smell if it is oxidized. If it has been molecularly destilled the stuff that begins to stink is no more present. This does yet not change that the O3s get oxidized...

in other words: with the cheap oils you can rely on your nose, with the expensive processed ones you have no idea what you are taking

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