How Much Fish Oil? & The Variables

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 21, 2012 at 4:58 PM

So, I realize everyone is a doctor on here and all have their own diagnostic reasons for taking different levels, types of fish oil, even in different orders and such.

That said, I'd like to hear your reasons for taking Fish Oil (even if it's just, "Because so and so told me to"), how much you take, how often you take it, and what your source is.

Cheers, Jared

P.S. The more science you can provide the more helpful this would be, e.g., back links, references, names, papers, etc.

P.P.S. Please note the sarcasm. :)



on May 21, 2012
at 06:02 PM

Well, if the meat you eat is grass fed and your eggs are omega 3 and you eat green vegetables from time to time, then personally I still wouldn't supplement. But I'm really not an expert at all on this, just what I do personally.



on May 21, 2012
at 05:17 PM

Because I don't eat fish regularly enough to get enough. Omega 3s are in my eggs and I eat grass fed beef (I'm in Iowa, not hard to come by). That aside, my Omega 3 count is presumably low. Fish just isn't my thing. I can stomach some stuff, sometimes, but I've yet to find anything that I really like. Except for swordfish steaks, those are amazing.



on May 21, 2012
at 05:04 PM

Why would fish oil be necessary on a paleo diet? Presumably, you're eating fish, so why would you also need to supplement with fish oil? IF you were a vegan, I can understand, but you're not. Why waste money on fish oil when you can eat the actual food?

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on May 21, 2012
at 06:21 PM


Reason #1: Fish oil tastes like butts.


on May 22, 2012
at 02:15 AM

I highly suggest logging a few days worth of diet on cronometer.com. I'm not sure if the free version has the handy omega 6: omega 3 ratio at the bottom, but if not, it's easy enough to calculate (just divide the 2 numbers).

I was surprised today how great my ratio of 6:3 was for breakfast & lunch (it was 3:1 which is pretty good.).

Then, I had 2 ounces of peanut butter and it swung to greater than 25:1 which is TERRIBLE.

Just for fun, I added 6oz of wild salmon to my diet, and it brought the ratio back down to 3:1.

So, the moral of the story: you probably can't fish-oil-supplement yourself out of making bad decisions when it comes to seed oils and nuts.




on May 21, 2012
at 07:05 PM

I used to take around 8 grams of fish oil daily, felt great doing so. That would typically put me at a very low 1:1 O6:O3 ratio. I got out of the habit, my ratio only slightly suffered and is in the range of 4-10:1. I think a small dose of 2-4 grams daily would be ideal, particularly since I do favor rather omega-6-rich foods: avocados, nuts, pork...

Source: Barleans, has essential orange oil, so any burps are actually pleasant!



on May 21, 2012
at 10:40 PM

I stopped regular fish oil. I go to great lengths to avoid inflammatory oils like vegetable oils and even oxidixed or tainted olive oil and it occurred to me that there's no telling what your fish oil has been through before you ingest it. It seems not worth the risk to me when you can just make sure you eat enough fish and limit your shady fats. I do take fermented cod liver oil but for the vit a and d


on May 21, 2012
at 10:35 PM

I take 3 grams of Carlson's Fish Oil (lemon flavor) daily. I figure with the amount of Omega 6 I get from my non-grass fed beef, pork and chicken that should help with my Omega 3/6 ratio. I feel great overall to boot, so I'll contine to use the fish oil for some time (oh ya, my skin problems seemed to clear up when I went from 1.5 grams to 3 grams a day).



on May 21, 2012
at 08:14 PM

I take about a tablespoon of Carlson's CLO as many mornings as I remember. I should take it every day (I need to write myself a note or something).

The reason I take it is that I have a substantial chunk of belly fat that I can't seem to lose, which I know I acquired by eating a large quanity of "healthy" oxidized Omega 6 oils. That, plus my greatly imroved, but still present eczema, is pretty strong evidence that I still at am a significant Omega 3 deficiency despite my current diet heavy in grass fed meat and wild caught fish.



on May 21, 2012
at 05:49 PM

I take the cleanest fish oil I can find and only after extremely extensive training, like 3+ hours. I eat lots of deer that I'm sure live on about an 80% natural diet (people put out corn feeders in some places) and I try to eat mostly grass-fed/pasture-raised animals and eggs, though like you don't eat fish often, maybe once every few weeks. I typically avoid things high in omega-6 FA's, so I only take "extra" fish oil if I feel I've pushed my body really hard and I need to recover.



on May 21, 2012
at 05:40 PM

I think if your omega-6 intake is very low, you probably don't need to supplement with omega-3.

When I've done it, I've mostly taken Carlson's Cod Liver Oil. Not taking anything currently, but I do eat a tin of sardines now and then.

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