Hack my turkey oil frying dilemma?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 14, 2012 at 1:51 AM

I have two questions for all of you:

1) Last year I used a combination of lard, duck, and bacon fat to fry my turkey last year. Afterwards I strained the oil and put it in the freezer and plan to use it for Thanksgiving this year. My question is, can I strain and re-use for Christmas or is that pushing it a bit?

2) My grocery store sells real lard, but it has bht and bha in it. If you were to fry your turkey and your choices were lard with bht and bha or canola oil, what would your choice be?

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2 Answers


on March 21, 2013
at 12:13 PM

The lard you buy in stores usually not only has preservatives but has been hydrogenated, at which point it's really bad for you, I'd read the label carefully. "Real" lard is simply rendered fat, and I've never seen it in stores, I buy leaf lard from a pig farm and render it myself.

Like steveo I can't handle canola oil (destroys my digestion), however I seem to be ok with peanut oil, which is what I use when deep-frying, which happens about 5 times a year, including once for Thanksgiving.


on December 27, 2012
at 01:57 AM

Personally, I would use lard, canola oil tears me up. Depending on quality, it may have a lower smoke point, so watch temps when cooking. As far as storing oil I really don't know, but things in my freezer tend to get off odors if not completely sealed

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