Grains vs Nuts and Seeds

Answered on January 06, 2014
Created January 04, 2014 at 1:16 AM

I started the Paleo diet little over two weeks ago and I have noticed an improvement in energy levels following a few initial ill effects (due to sharply reducing my carbohydrates). Unfortunately, I've lost a little weight which isn't desirable since my body weight is right on the edge of being below a healthy weight. I decided to eat more nuts and seeds today than I have been lately (I haven't been eating much) and I feel pretty good in response - better energy and mood. Is this a sign that I could use more carbohydrates (my current intake is about 50-100 g/day)? If so, would it be a better idea for me to eat nuts and seeds or use grains such as rice or quinoa? I'm already eating lots of vegetables and fruit but these won't really supply the carbohydrate intake that I might benefit from (unless I really hammer on the fruit which I don't want to do).



on January 04, 2014
at 01:33 AM

white rice is fine by me. what about potatoes (inc sweet potatoes) can you eat those without issues...another good source of carbs

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on January 06, 2014
at 02:39 AM

My opinion is that nuts and seeds are over used ever since people got over the "fat makes you fat" phobia in the 90s and discovered so called "healthy fats" from things like nuts/seeds/avocado/olive oil. If you're an athlete and/or someone who trains with a high frequency, then I find that sticking to mostly just meat and vegetables and then some starchy foods works best for consistent energy and augmented recovery. that's just me though try to experiement a little.

As for the grains better or worse. i think that's an individual thing, but you might like to know that if you are European, then you descend from the Natafuians, and therefore may be particularly well suited for obtaining starch calories from certain grains as opposed to starchy tubers. Personally, as a European, I do fine on carbs from a variety of sources, but mostly Ezekiel bread, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. But the ezekiel bread (like sprouted lentils and grains) I tolerate very well. Also, eating grains won't throw off your omega 3/6 ratio nearly as badly as nuts/seeds possibly can. Quinoa seems to fine to me I don't see why not if it doesn't upset you're stomach (if you're healthy it shouldn't). And finally, it's more "paleo-approved" around here that if you would like starch calories, the next best bet beyond roots/tubers is white rice (I personally disagree but I'm just letting you know what the majority of what paleo practicioners advocate).

I suggest experimenting but my guess is you'll do a lot better replacing your nut/seed calories that you're consuming with some other form of carbohydrate.

Hope that helps :)

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