Hack Nutritional Ketosis--thoughts on Jimmy Moore n=1?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM

What do you guys think about Jimmy Moore's success doing Nutritional Ketosis? I think it is awesome, but is it sustainable? Read his n=1 postings on http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/.



on March 17, 2013
at 12:44 AM

He's cutting calories and exercising more, which seems to be working

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on March 16, 2013
at 10:51 PM

Those lipids are most assuredly not a success.

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2 Answers



on March 17, 2013
at 06:05 AM

His lipids were bad before NK, there's no indication so far that NK is making it worse.

NK is certainly working for JM in terms of weight loss. And he's coming up to nearly a year, so for him, it is sustainable. It remains to be seen if he can maintain the weight if he decides to stop NK.

Will it work for everyone? Dunno. Just my casual observation is that women seem to have less success with NK. Some women do fine, but seems like many do not.

And I think there are several cofounding factors with JM: fewer calories, more exercise (although he purposely did not exercise during the first quarter and he lost plenty of weight without exercise), IF, and he has been taking Glycosolve.

CICO proponents will say that it was the reduction in calories alone that is working for JM, and they may be right (personally I don't believe that). But cutting calories is extremely difficult and certainly unsustainable for JM, without the appetite suppression of NK. So if it turns out to be the calorie restriction alone instead of the NK, that's OK. Nothing wrong with NK helping calorie restriction be sustainable for JM.



on March 16, 2013
at 11:06 PM


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