are you 100% Paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 10, 2011 at 4:23 PM

I am as far as the nutrition goes...what about you guys? If so how extreme are you? Too what extent? Different cycles? For me of course No gluten, diary, butter, grains, nuts, almond milk Just: Water, coconut water, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables...

Just an FYI...I weighed before paleo 160lbs now 150lbs lean I do martial arts (Bjj, kung fu, mma, kickboxing), marathon running, and crossfit



on October 11, 2011
at 06:18 PM

I would love to be 100% paleo - but I can't seem to find any wooly mammoth.

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8 Answers


on October 10, 2011
at 07:40 PM

Yep because to me being 100% paleo means eating 90% perfectly and spending the other 10% enjoying the hell out of your own life. Win/win!



on October 10, 2011
at 04:37 PM

Nope. The fine details (say anything past "90%") yield such miniscule benefits, there's really no point unless you have health issues that require it.



on October 11, 2011
at 11:49 AM

I'm closer to primal since I occasionally have some good quality cheese. Most of my diet is pastured meats and local/organic fruits and veggies with lots of good quality fats. I don't eat grains at home, but while I always avoid wheat I will have some rice (sushi!) or, less often, corn if I am out. But we don't eat away from home very often, so this is pretty rare (maybe about once a month). I also do eat some properly prepared legumes (long-soaked/fermented as directed by WAPF) once a week or so. I tried removing legumes from my diet and had several problems (insomnia, irregular b.m.s, sluggish weight loss) which immediately cleared up when I added them back in about once a week.

I just don't find the paleo argument against legumes very compelling if you are willing to take the time to prepare the legumes properly. And, the argument against properly prepared legumes is even more baffling when you consider there is no similar pronouncement against nuts which are also a big source phytates, nor is there (usually) any discussion from the paleo crowd about the need to soak and dry nuts before consumption to reduce the amount of phytates. The WAPF has been talking about this for years and Chris Kresser recently talked about it, but most of the paleo community is mute on the subject...and the popular paleo recipe books are loaded with phytate-laden nut and coconut flours. I'm baffled by the paradox, but fortunately I don't feel the need to follow rules simply because they are there. I am not interested in labels, I'm just interested in following the best diet for my body.



on October 10, 2011
at 11:01 PM

I'm lower carb primal, but I don't eat that much dairy anymore either. I also eat well-cooked beans from time to time. I am not extreme, but I am careful and rarely eat out.



on October 10, 2011
at 09:28 PM

I get pretty inflamed when I have wheat, such as pizza.

Just isn't worth it for me the next day.



on October 10, 2011
at 05:03 PM

I am paleo plus dairy (butter,cheese & cream) plus vanilla ice cream (usually home made but sometimes Hagen daz )

I would axe some dairy if I could eat coconut.



on October 10, 2011
at 04:51 PM

I fall somewhere between 0 and 95%, depending on how you define paleo. 0% if you include only food that is hunted or gathered in its natural environment, 95% if you include conventional meat, eggs, and produce.



on October 10, 2011
at 04:35 PM

I used to be 100% Paleo, now I'm Primal. If I'm dining out, I might have a slice of bread (like Carrabba's with their herbs and olive oil dip), and some white rice if there are no other starch options. Dark chocolate occasionally, butter, and regular grain-fed meat.

Then again, I'm also not trying to lose any weight and don't have any health issues.

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