What's the Best Web-Based Food Journal?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 30, 2012 at 7:40 PM

I've been using the free online version of Cron-o-meter but am not happy with the features. What's the best food journal?

Ideally, I'm looking for something Web-based that's free that allows you to track:

  1. Micronutrients like Vitamin C, D, K-1/K-2, B-1, B-12, B-6, etc. Being able to distinguish among various B vitamins would be a great feature. Also, CoQ10, if possible.

  2. Minerals like selenium, iodine, chromium, magnesium, etc.

  3. Proteins like branched chain amino acids

  4. Fats like omega 6 / omega 3 PUFA

Another important feature is custom-entry: Cron-o-meter simply does not have a good custom entry option where you can enter cooked versions of raw ingredients based on serving sizes. Too few cooked food items relative to raw ingredients. Its existing food database seems to be too sparse.

I've heard of Fitday, PaleoTrack, and Cron-O-Meter. What's best if you want to track the above items and also custom-enter your own creations?

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10 Answers


on May 30, 2012
at 11:27 PM

I use paleo track



on May 30, 2012
at 08:20 PM



on May 30, 2012
at 08:18 PM

i've tried cronometer and paleo trak....not really too stoked about either, I stick more with cronometer


on May 30, 2012
at 08:10 PM

I like PaleoTrack if/when I do track foods.


on May 30, 2012
at 11:41 PM

Check out swole.me. It lets you track all your micronutrients (amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc.) and you can customize your foods. It breaks down your pufa's, mufa's, and sat fat %'s, but doesn't distinguish o-3's or o-6's. Didn't see CoQ10 either.



on May 30, 2012
at 08:25 PM

I haven't found a free one that has more features/tracked nutrients than cron=o=meter. Sorry. They use the latest USDA database, which is pretty much the standard for most programs.


on November 09, 2012
at 07:34 PM

We just launched an app where you can get nutrition info from real food. Check it out at http://www.foodsnap.mobi


on October 08, 2012
at 10:31 PM

I liked fatsecret because it interfaces with my phone beautifully and it handled recipes very well.


on October 08, 2012
at 06:15 PM

nutritiondata.self.com - I just posted a pretty glowing answer about this, here: http://paleohacks.com/questions/29040/more-detailed-nutrition-analysis-tool/154346#154346

In a nutshell, it tracks a LOT of stuff and you can export full data to csv. Nifty.


on May 31, 2012
at 07:55 PM

For sure it's MyNetDiary, an excellent food journal with free and paid memberships.

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