Can paleo be all-consuming?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 30, 2012 at 8:10 PM

... cuz I'm finding it has become that for me. My thinking is that the reason for this is that it's quite a radical departure from how I ate before, that my mind/body needs the time for it to all sink in properly. But it's been to the detriment of family/friends/and work, to some extent. My focus has been a bit myopic, and I've become maybe a wee bit messianic about it all, too. (If something works, why hide it, no?)

It's only food, right? But it seems, also, so much MORE than that.

Anyone else in a similar boat?



on May 31, 2012
at 11:14 AM

I personally can't wait until I'm at least a year deep in this Paleo business. I feel like I'm not good enough anecdotal evidence to be preaching it quite yet after 3-4 months. It is very consuming though at first, and it slowly dies off, but there's actually days now where I find myself not looking at anything Paleo.



on May 30, 2012
at 09:41 PM

Yeah don't over think, don't spend too much time here, don't think about food a lot. Just eat basic whole foods. Spend your time and energy doing fun active shit. Eat to fuel that life. Keep it simple simple.

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on May 31, 2012
at 12:01 AM

Any time you make a huge lifestyle change, there's an adjustment period. A bit of fanaticism, obsession, and obnoxious preaching to the unconverted is normal--it's all part of integrating new knowledge, habits, and techniques into your life and reinforcing your commitment until it becomes second nature.

That you're self-aware enough to recognize that this intense "honeymoon period" is having detrimental effects on your relationships and other aspects of your life is a good thing. Work on turning the volume down a few notches, while still applying everything you've learned so far. And if you can keep in mind the first rule of paleo--which is that you don't talk about paleo--you'll be fine.



on May 30, 2012
at 08:39 PM

I would tend to agree, but it doesn't stay that way forever.

I found that once you get to the point where you are buying the exact same things every week (but cooking them differently) then you stop thinking about it so much.

That being said, this has definitely become a hobby for me. I'm addicted.


on May 30, 2012
at 08:58 PM

I learned this the hard way:

If I want to include my neolithic friends in my paleolithic life, I need to shut up and smile.

Once paleo becomes part of your life, you will stop obsessing with it. People around you will get used to it as well. So give it time! Good luck!



on May 30, 2012
at 11:11 PM

For me, definitely yes. I had this post a while back which addresses at least part of your question (being messianic):



on May 30, 2012
at 09:30 PM

in the beginning, yes, it is all-consuming... used to spend WAY too much time on this site, for example...



on May 31, 2012
at 10:52 AM

Strict paleo requires so many restrictions that I imagine it's easy to obsess and overthink everything. This is why I'm not strict. It doesn't work with my personality.

I think as long as you stay positive about it, and don't let fear and worry take over - fear that every mouthful of a "bad" food is one more step into an early, disease-ridden grave, for example, or worry that a bite of sugar or a piece of bread will spiral into utter disaster - you'll be ok. And as the others said, skip the messianic part. Nobody wants to hear about how much better you are at handling your life than they are. Ease up around the others and put the focus back on them. Most people like to be the center of attention, and you'll be appreciated for listening instead of spouting.


on May 30, 2012
at 10:01 PM

Do you have a history of eating disorders? I had a problem with obsessing, but I have had problems obsessing over diet my whole life

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