A PARTICULAR GALL BLADDER QUESTION... I don;t have one now (surgery) - can I still see the results and not worry about harming myself WITHOUT my gall bladder?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 24, 2010 at 9:17 AM

Can I do this without a gall bladder? I've lived a decade now without it, but I'm really eager to begin this new lifestyle change. Will it work? Will it be in ANY WAY harmful (raising cholesterol levels, etc...) now that the bile ducts/salts won't be able to participate in this digestion/metabolic procces? PLEASE ADVISE.



on November 24, 2010
at 03:46 PM

YOu will probably want to ease into it more slowly than the average person. Without the gallbladder, your body is less adapted to fat intake. However, many without a gallbladder find they can eat a fair amount of fat if they are careful, go slowly, and don't pound it all at once. But each individual will have to slowly test where their individual limits are. As for harming your body, your body will inform you via digestive upset if it can't handle what you are asking so there will be no mystery about if you are doing well or not. Otherwise, there is no special danger.



on November 24, 2010
at 10:29 AM

Rob F, if you use the search box above and enter gall bladder, you will see that there are some threads about your questions.

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on November 25, 2010
at 10:59 AM

Even without a gallbladder you are still producing bile and it still does its job of emulsifying the fats in your meal. The only difference is that the bile isn't stored in a bladder and squirted in in large quantities as needed, it still gets into the intestines tho. I have been GB less for 20 years and have no problems eating large quantities of fat with no problems. Probably wise to slowly ramp up tho.



on November 24, 2010
at 02:56 PM

See this post: PaleoHacks: Paleo without a gallbladder

After reading that, search for 'gall bladder' and 'gallbladder'. There are a few other questions regarding it. But remember that everyone reacts differently to not having a gallbladder so we can't say what will work for you.

If you have particular issues not covered in the other questions, please update your question here. I've lived without a gallbladder for 5 years and so am happy to share what I've learned so far.



on March 25, 2011
at 03:13 AM

My DO has put me on Ox Bile each day. This has really helped with fat digestion without my gall bladder. You can get this at a local Health food store.



on November 24, 2010
at 12:13 PM

check youtube user rawbase8

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