1 week, Same Weight, but clothes are fitting looser

Answered on December 24, 2014
Created December 23, 2014 at 3:09 PM

I'm puzzled by this. I haven't started to lose weight yet, however, my clothes are fitting looser. Also, I'm not exercising at all yet. Any thoughts?

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on December 23, 2014
at 03:35 PM

Congratulations, you've lost weight!



on December 24, 2014
at 04:10 PM

One week is too soon to see actual results, it takes a few months to see real fat loss.  You may have lost some water weight, or you may have lost some actual fat depending on your macro ratios and your metabolism.  Changes come over several months, not day to day or week to week.  Stick with it.


on December 23, 2014
at 06:13 PM

Without any other information about your height, weight, previous and current diet, exercise, etc. it's hard to answer your question.

Many people find that they lose some "water weight" switching to Paleo, which isn't really a lot of weight loss but you will just retain less water and your abdomen may be less bloated as well.  This can cause your waist to be a little smaller.

Depending on how your diet was before, changing to the Paleo diet can trigger some weight loss and fat burning which will change your body composition. This will show up as weight loss though.

People that report their clothes fitting better but no weight loss are usually on a strength-based exercise program and are probably gaining muscle while losing fat so their overall weight remains the same but body composition changes.  This happened to me.

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