Will eating steel oats once a week derail weight loss

Asked on February 29, 2016
Created January 11, 2016 at 1:41 AM

I eat mostly Paleo, probably 85-90% of the time but I do miss occasional grain treats, particularly oatmeal, I have been eating this way for the last 6 months and have lost 65 pounds but when I am strict, I can lose a pound every day, I am fast approaching the weight my doctor prescribed for me and would like to know if I eat steel cut oats once a week will I derail my loss efforts? 

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on February 03, 2016
at 08:51 PM

Hardly likely, unless you're ketosis dieting, in which case you might see some water retention gain. If you've lost 65 lbs you're smart enough not to regain on oats, and congratulations.

The Paleo Diet (Cordain) allows cheat meals.


on January 31, 2016
at 04:12 PM

Hi Laura_Woodward_Kruger,

Be careful with oats as they contain casein, a very difficult to digest protein similar to gluten. If you have gut troubles, I would stay away from oats. Rice, though it contains minimal nutrition, is a "safer" option if you wish to indulge in grains once in a while.

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on February 03, 2016
at 07:26 PM

wait a sec, I thought casein is only derived from milk and cheese products? can anyone clarify this?

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on February 03, 2016
at 08:48 PM

Oats contain avenin, a vegetable protein similar to gluten. The only way they could contain the dairy protein casein is if it were added. Instant oatmeal mixes might contain some.


on January 15, 2016
at 11:02 PM

I doubt you will gain weight eating steel cut oats as long as you don't dump a lot of maple syrup and/or sugar on to it.  If you want to add some strawberries or blueberries for flavor, that might be okay too. 

Cold cereals are different.  Even if they are whole grain, they are first ground into flour, which makes the fiber in these cereals less effective in terms of satisfying appetite.  Also, cold cereals don't absorb water (and who adds water to cold cereal anyway?).   

When you cook grains, like steel cut oats, the grains absorb water.  So, when you eat them, you can feel full before you overconsume calories.  Sort of like when you eat a vegetable soup.  Not many calories, but lots of fiber and water for bulk.  If you are going to eat grains, eat them intact and whole.  Steel cut oats make the cut, no pun intended. 

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