where to start for multiple allergies? gaps vs paleo autoimmune protocol?

Answered on April 02, 2014
Created April 02, 2014 at 3:59 AM

i'm a 30 year old woman with multiple autoimmune diagnoses (pros, fibromyalgia) recently also diagnosed by an allergist with allergies to eggs (moderate on the whites, borderline on the yolks), casein, gluten (knew about this one since 2011 and have been 100% gfree since), clams/shrimp/scallops, walnuts, spinach, onions and a mess of others.

i've been doing some reading over the past few days and am curious to know how others in similar situations attempting to heal leaky gut causing food allergies made decisions between beginning with paleo autoimmune protocol vs gaps vs wahls. how did you choose?

a little background: i eat around 1400 cals per day, weight loss slow or nonexistent. did strict paleo for 60 days last year to get started but didn't notice major sxs with reintroduction of milk, legumes. used to eat vege/flexitarian before that as i hate meat prep but have adjusted. aim for LC (under 75 per day including veg). still prescribed omeprazole and really want to stop taking it as i know it can mess things up too but the rebound has been horrible anytime i stop. esp bc i eat late bc of a hectic work schedule.

LMK if any other info about me is needed to help answer. thank you.

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on April 02, 2014
at 05:48 AM

I'm a firm believer in finding the triggers that cause your body to be "allergic" or "intolerant" of certain foods. Too many people seem to have all these allergies to foods that didn't seem to occur very often 50 years ago. Following a pretty strict Paleo diet can be one way to heal yourself. 60 days is not anywhere near enough time to heal your 30 years on the planet and what you have had for food. Take your time, 6 months, 1 year or more at a minimum before getting frustrated with the process. I know my personal success as well as family members who couldn't eat certain foods and now have no issues.

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