New to Paleo, curious about what cheat days do to you personally

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 13, 2013 at 4:10 PM

Me and my fianc?? are doing this, we are 20 and he has psoriasis that is rarely noticeable now and i just recently got tinea versicolor. It's very hard for us to do this on our budget and roommates. So we are going to have one day where we just eat non paleo but not gorge. Maybe a day we're hanging out with friends or something. But I am wondering if this is going to prevent my tinea from disappearing or will it reappear the second I eat bad? I already eat good. Never really had dairy except for cheese every now and then and only bad carbs I ate was oatmeal not the instant oatmeal. So I'm kind of irritated I got tinea in the first place. I did eat whatever two days a week though, idk anysuggestions? And personal experience from those who aren't strict paleo?



on August 13, 2013
at 06:23 PM

Paleo is not expensive, unless you are trying to buy grass-fed/free range meats for all of your meat, and even then, a bag of chips and a frozen pizza costs just as much a few pounds of meat. Buy vegetables, some fruit if you need it, and meat/eggs. But meat in bulk, on sale, then split it up and freeze it. That's all you need. You don't need cheese or coconut milk or fancy paleo oils. I spend less than $100 per week on food for two people. I would recommend you buy a mini-Foreman grill and cook for yourselves.

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on August 13, 2013
at 10:37 PM

I basically eat 100% clean (besides some gym supps) during the week and let the weekend be my relaxed time. When I do cook on weekends, I still cook Paleo..but if I'm out with friends or something I'll eat what's around and still keep it on the healthy side.

For example, I'll be going camping this weekend. Sure I can bring a bunch of Paleo foods, but I can eat whatever I want and my body is fine...I might have some peanuts, possibly some pita bread, etc. I do Paleo because I enjoy it and don't stress when I stray.


on August 14, 2013
at 04:43 AM

Yeah, I did the whole Tim Ferriss, 4-hour body, cheat day on every Friday when I would mac down on everything under the sun, mainly on stuff in the chocolate isle at Whole Foods (hello Green n' Blacks.

But now I just have a cheat day whenever, I try to keep it to once a week, I think it keeps me sane and keeps the body guessing.

But as a wise, 90 year old Indian woman once told me when I asked her what her diet was like, she said, "I eat when I'm hungry."


on August 13, 2013
at 11:54 PM

Paleo is totally affordable on a budget, I agree.. I don't have cheat days, occassionally I have meals that are not paleo, but I generally regret them because I feel so much better when I am eating clean, and I am able to monitor how my body reacts to certain foods and when I introduce things like bread, sugar, refined and processed foods I find that I feel sluggish, or my stomach will really hurt, and I even feel a little foggy brained. Another option is to go for the 80/20 approach where they eat paleo 80% of the time and non paleo 20% of the time.

I find this to be more a a lifestyle approach and cheat days are something people use on diets when they are restricting. Also your roommates should respect your lifestyle choices, I assume they don't have any input into what kind of car you drive or brand of jeans you buy, don't let other people make you feel bad for your food choices.

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on August 13, 2013
at 11:35 PM

Cheat DAYS are probably not the best idea if you are looking to lose weight, not sure about the tinea and psoriasis. I Crossfit 5-6 times a week and when I stick to Paleo I lose 2-4 pounds a week, down 45 lbs over the last 6 months. When I add in blueberry pancakes with syrup, a couple of slices of pizza and a few beers and another cheat or two I usually maintain my weight.


on August 13, 2013
at 08:24 PM

I agree with Binks, that paleo is very affordable if you shop wisely. I've definitely saved money by going paleo simply because I'm not eating out as much. For example, my lunch which usually consists of about 10 - 12 ounces of meat and 3 servings of veggies costs about $4. I'm spending a similar amount on breakfast and dinner. That's $12 per day. I used to spend $12 on lunch alone when I would go out to eat.

Cheat days are fun, and I usually reserve them for date nights with my wife (who's not on a paleo diet). I always feel sluggish the next day though, and look forward to returning to my cleaner diet.

Hope this helps.

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